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Pros / The company's PPC team combines different search engine optimization methods to boost your PPC campaign's effectiveness.

Cons / doesn't create landing pages, so the page connected to your ad is your responsibility to create and maintain.

 Verdict / offers a range of online marketing services and specializes in search engine optimization. This expertise creates a successful PPC marketing campaign. is an online marketing company that covers a variety of skill sets, including pay per click services. This company understands that consumers are turning to the internet when they need to find services or products. works closely with you and your business to establish an effective PPC advertising plan.

Even though is not specifically a pay per click company, it still provides a variety of resources to help establish a successful PPC strategy. uses several methods to create successful PPC campaigns.

Using its search engine optimization know-how, first identifies the top keywords your target audience might use. The team tests and reorganizes the broad, exact and phrase keywords into top- to low-performing categories to maximize your company's exposure. This means the type of keyword a user enters will correspond with the kind of exposure your ad receives. If a user types an exact keyword linked to your PPC advertisement, it's more likely that they're interested in what your business offers and more likely to click and purchase from you.

One pay per click service that does not provide is landing page creation. The company can provide feedback and give you tips for altering content on your website, but it will not create or alter landing pages for you.

On's website you can view detailed case studies about previous campaigns for clients. It's important to see big names like Dell and Mrs. Fields under a PPC Manager's site because it tells you that this company can make significant traffic changes for already popular companies. We appreciate seeing the challenge and the solution presented, as well as a graphic chart of the results and a testimonial by the client. has a lot of experience under its belt and showcases this well. Unfortunately, it is not a Google-certified partner or a Bing-accredited professional. These certifications may seem small, but they provide you with the knowledge that a company is going above and beyond to meet your PPC goals.

This company uses a platform called SEOinsight to track your PPC campaign, keyword metrics and geographically based rankings. You can also integrate Google Analytic information into this platform to view near real-time results of user traffic on your website.

Aside from the statistics you can view in SEOinsight, you'll get monthly progress reports with detailed account information about your pay per click campaign. Besides the monthly reports issued to you, the pay per click team reviews your account on a daily basis, ensuring consistent evaluation and improvement. provides support for its clients through the standard avenues of email and phone support, along with a detailed blog providing a variety of PPC information.

Summary offers a special breed of PPC management. The know-how this company has about search engine optimization allows the staff to take your PPC campaign a step further. SEOinsight, this company's metrics portal, is easily navigable and allows you to view statistics and reports for your PPC campaign in almost real time.