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Silverback Strategies Review

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PROS / Silverback analysts discuss your business and evaluate your pay per click needs before you start working with them to make sure you get the right services to fit your company's goals.

CONS / Silverback does not create videos ads for clients.

 VERDICT / The attention and care Silverback Strategies gives your account means it can better target the best customers for your business.

Silverback Strategies specializes in PPC management, and the process the company follows to design a PPC campaign is proactive and personalized during every step. Silverback can choose the best keywords, optimize your bid management for superior ad placement and maximize your return on investment. Silverback's personalized approach yields the best results by targeting the right customers for your business, and this earns Silverback Strategies the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Before any customer commits to using its PPC management services, Silverback Strategies conducts preliminary research into the potential client's website and previous PPC history. If Silverback analysts believe your company doesn't need their services, they will actually recommend that you not spend money on something you do not need. If the analysts decide they can improve your company's sales, Silverback Strategies offers a wide range of services – all of them with a focus on individualization to meet your needs.

PPC Services

Silverback Strategies uses your individual consultation to move forward with its services. Based on your dialogue with the company, Silverback begins the keyword bidding process. While search engines are the main course for a PPC campaign, Silverback also places bids for ad networks to display your ad outside of search engine results. Silverback's staff can place your ad on the most popular search engines like Google and Bing, and they can work for placement on social networking sites like Facebook. Here too, the PPC management from Silverback is specific to your company.

Carefully placed ads are only half of the PPC process. Once your ad reaches a desirable spot on a popular search engine or social network, you'll want the link to lead somewhere a potential customer will want to stay. A landing page is the page a customer reaches when they click on your advertisement. If your landing page is not well-designed, even the most advanced PPC campaign cannot increase your business.

To help ensure your PPC campaign does not fall flat, Silverback offers landing page consultations. After evaluating your business's needs, Silverback can optimize the content on your landing page with keywords and phrases assigned by your PPC manager. If you aren't happy with your current landing page, Silverback can refer you to a designer who can create an entirely new, pre-optimized page for you.

Experience & Client Tools

All of Silverback Strategies' pay per click specialists are Google AdWords certified. This certification requires applicants to take an advanced exam on search and display advertising as well as reporting and analysis, making them extremely capable managers for all of their PPC management sites. Account managers are also Bing accredited professionals. Silverback Strategies applies this expertise to large and small businesses. The company's clientele ranges from the Department of Homeland Security to small local businesses.

Before you choose to work with Silverback Strategies you can cannot view previous or current clients to discuss how Silverback Strategies helped them meet their PPC advertising goals. Unfortunately, the company does not have case studies with detailed information readily available on the company website.

Reporting & Tracking

Consistent and honest communication with your PPC agency during your campaign is crucial. Employees from Silverback Strategies stress consistent and open dialog, so you know exactly how they put your money to work. Many PPC management agencies visit with their customers at the very beginning of their campaigns, but only send monthly reports or have conference calls for updates. As a Silverback customer, you can request conference calls with your account manager whenever you wish, because communication is a priority in a successful campaign.

Silverback offers you a customized reporting schedule. As with everything else this pay per click agency does, this reporting is also personalized. Some clients keep an Excel sheet on their desktops that can be refreshed periodically to show new data. Others prefer to have Silverback send them a PDF from time to time. You get to determine what reporting method is best for your business with your Silverback representative.

Help & Support

When we called Silverback's support line, we reached a real person quickly. That alone is impressive. Plus, the representative we spoke to was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. And while Silverback Strategies is not open around the clock, you will have direct contact information for your account manager. So if problems arise outside of normal business hours, you have access to the employee who knows your situation best.

The company doesn't offer a live chat option, but makes up for it with quick effective service.


With such attention to detail, it's no surprise Silverback Strategies is effective. The combined experience of this company means the account manager leading your PPC strategy knows the ins and outs of search engine and social network marketing, so they can adjust your campaign to best suit your target audience and bring you more business.

Silverback Strategies Compare Quotes