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SEMrush is a highly popular SEO software suite with tools for website audits, social media monitoring, rank tracking and more. It is best known, though, for its competitive analysis features, which gives you valuable information on your competition, including data about display advertising, linkbuilding, and paid and organic search. This information can help you see how your competitors are performing, which can help you decide which strategies might be best to implement in your own SEO campaigns. It also shows you why some of your competition is doing poorly so you can avoid those same strategies.

Armed with this information, you can use SEMrush's proprietary tools to compare various domains in your market and estimate what it would take to increase your ranking against competitors. This process doesn't take long; the company states this data is provided within just a few clicks of signing up for this tool.

SEMrush can also help you with website SEO analysis. You can see where your business ranks on search engine results, and it recommends steps you can take to improve your current ranking. This SEO app can provide an audit on your backlinks as well, which can help you pinpoint which backlinks are working and are worth maintaining and which ones you should remove.

Additionally, you can use this software to improve your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. This SEO management software analyzes your ad strategy and gives you recommendations on keywords and cross groups. It performs keyword research and tracks conversations that are happening about your business on various social media channels.

SEMrush can help you develop your website content by updating you on trending topics and providing you with engagement data to help you identify what's working on your site with your target audience. SEMrush spots new promotional opportunities and collects mentions of your brand to help build your reputation.

Information collected by SEMrush is presented with helpful charts and reports. You can compare domains side by side to more clearly visualize the data.

SEMrush is one of the best SEO software suites available for businesses wanting to gain an edge in their market. It gathers information on your competitors, like keywords and rankings, and presents it in ways that are easy to understand. You can also track other important SEO data, such as your search engine position, backlinks and social media mentions. It is an excellent tool to consider for your SEO campaign.