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SEO Toolkit, produced by Trellian Software, brings together different Trellian services into one SEO software package, which means you can use all of its useful tools to manage your website SEO from one platform.

SEO Toolkit pulls keyword information from a variety of sources, including international databases and search engines like Google and Yahoo. It scans the last 12 months of data to reveal the most successful keywords. After identifying high-performing keywords, it ranks them and analyzes how competitive they will potentially be on your site so you can choose the words you want to use. One unique feature is the seasonal search graph. This unique feature can be extremely beneficial if you are in an industry that counts on heavy business during major commercial holidays.

Linkbuilding is an area where SEO Toolkit is comparatively weak, though it provides a reciprocal link-checker to monitor your active links. You can also check your link popularity and saturation. Competitive Intelligence, another tool, can be purchased as an add-on, and it includes reports on your major competitors' SEO practices.

You can also explore a Google site map generator and metatag editor to help you with your SEO. This SEO monitoring software will provide reports on your ranking information in keywords, search engine rankings and links, and you can see any changes in your position from the last time you ran a report. An ROI calculator is also available to gauge the effectiveness of the software.

You can contact Trellian Software using an online email form that allows you to ask basic questions. You can also reach customer support with a direct email address and telephone number for more in-depth questions. The company's offices are only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Australian time, so connecting with a Trellian rep may prove difficult.

SEO Toolkit is a good but basic SEO software program. It has a minimum selection of keyword optimization and linkbuilding features, and it offers basic competitive analysis for an extra price. It does well in reporting and provides informative graphs, but SEO Toolkit does not have the standout features that some of the best SEO software provides.

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