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RankTrackr's SEO analysis tool is a highly accurate program that tracks your website's rankings on popular search engines when various keywords are searched for. It updates you on your current search engine results page (SERP) standings and provides a historical analysis of how your site has improved. You can also see how your ranking compares to your competitors, which can give you an edge in your particular industry. RankTrackr provides a valuable service that is important to your SEO strategy.

Reporting is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. Having valuable statistics and other information helps you see where you're performing well and where and how you might improve. One vital piece of information you should track is your website's ranking on SERPs. Since the goal of every SEO campaign is to rank higher (thus to increase traffic), it is imperative that you know how you're ranking. To this end, many rank-tracking SEO tools are available, and our recommendation is RankTrackr.

RankTrackr gathers ranking data on your websites by 10 results per page per request, as opposed to 100 results per page compared to other rank-tracking tools. This method increases accuracy. RankTrackr says its SEO information is up to 98 percent accurate.

You can customize the information this SEO monitoring tool gives you by filtering keywords. You can also adjust the way your reports are displayed so you can view and read data however is easiest for you. RankTrackr emails reports to you, and you can set up a schedule to receive updates daily, weekly or monthly. You can also schedule reports to be sent out to your clients or to you at other times, as needed.

In addition to reporting on your SERP standings, RankTrackr can help you see how you're ranking over time with a historical overview. This overview is displayed with a graph and pulls information from current rankings and past SERP results. You can also track how your competitors are ranking, and you can investigate your local rankings as well.

You can customize RankTrackr's reports to match your own branding, depending on the plan you select. You can place your own logos, headers and footers on the reports. If you have the resources, you can also use RankTrackr's REST API.

You can sign up for RankTrackr with either a monthly billing plan or an annual plan. The pricing tiers depend largely on the number of keywords you want to track as well as the number of websites you need data for. You can also reach out to the company for a custom package to meet your needs.

Tracking your SERP ranking is an important part of your SEO campaign, and RankTrackr is one of the best SEO tools available for this type of reporting. You can customize reports so they provide the exact information you're looking for, you can rely on the information being accurate, and you can look up your local rankings or the rankings of competitors. RankTrackr is worth looking into if you need an SEO analysis tool.