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SimilarWeb provides accurate and informative data on businesses in your market so you can easily see what your competitors are doing. This search engine optimization (SEO) analysis tool collects important metrics on traffic, engagement, SEO keywords and more on your competitors, giving you a complete overview of what you're up against and how you can gain an edge in your market.

If you want to gain the upper hand in your industry, you need an SEO tool that provides accurate and high-quality data on your competitors. Information on your competition's SEO strategy, the keywords they use and other data help you see not only how you can improve but how you can go above and beyond what they're doing. This insight can be invaluable in a highly competitive market.

SimilarWeb gathers data from multiple sources, including international panels, ISP data, and, of course, crawling the websites you want information on. Then, the program selects the best and most relevant data, categorizes it, and using an algorithm, processes and delivers it to your dashboard in clean, easy-to-read reports, charts, and graphs.

When SimilarWeb analyzes websites, it looks for information on overall visits, bounce rates, page views and the average amount of time a consumer spends on your competitor's site. It then compares this data against yours so you can see how you're measuring up against the leaders in your industry. It also gathers information on SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) keywords, the sources of your competitors' traffic, and which webpages are the most popular or are trending.

A unique and helpful feature of this SEO monitoring tool is its industry analysis. There are several competitor analysis tools out there, but few can look at your industry as a whole and give you key metrics on your market. This is where SimilarWeb shines. It shows you relevant trends, up-and-coming players to watch, the leaders in your industry, their SEO and PPC campaign strategies, and more.

Another unique feature SimilarWeb provides is its app analysis. This is an especially helpful feature if you're invested in the mobile market and want to know how you're performing against competitors there. SimilarWeb provides data on audience interest and retention, reach and engagement, Google Play keywords, and compares you directly against your competitors.

SimilarWeb gives you thorough information on how your competitors are performing, comparing your data against theirs so you know how you measure up and what you can do to improve your standing. It also provides detailed analytics on your industry and gathers information on app performance for you and your competitors. SimilarWeb is one of the best SEO tools available for competitor analysis and is worth considering for your business.