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Mozeo Review

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PROS / The support Mozeo offers is comprehensive, allowing you to get help by phone, email, web chat and knowledgebase.

CONS / When you try to send multimedia messages, Mozeo only sends a link to the image or video instead of the actual content.

 VERDICT / Mozeo is an excellent resource to use as you begin working your way into the mobile marketing world.

Mozeo can help you effectively manage your text message marketing campaign and attempts to make the transition from traditional marketing to the modern mobile marketing platform easier for its clients. This service includes many of the most basic features needed for text message alert campaigns in addition to some new resources that make this a product worth considering.

This service is packaged differently from any other service on our lineup. Rather than offering different levels of services, such as Pro or Enterprise packages, Mozeo simply offers bundles of messages, so you can purchase what you need.

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Mozeo starts strong from a features standpoint. It allows you to send coupons, redemption codes and text message blasts and to manage your subscribers. When you first start using the service, you want to make sure you go through the process in a particular order so that you’re not forced to skip all over the place when you start sending text message alerts.

In our tests, Mozeo performed moderately well. When we tested multimedia messaging, Mozeo successfully sent every message, but rather than sending the picture itself, it only sends a link to the image. This is a disadvantage because it takes away from the immediate delivery of text marketing.

Also offered is an auto-response feature. This tool helps you manage communications with large numbers of contacts and enables you to send out a text message automatically when contacts opted in or subscribed to keywords. When we tested this feature, 90% of intended recipients received an opt-in welcome message.

You can use the auto-response feature to send polls or surveys. Your subscribers can reply to prompts with keywords you’ve purchased and trigger additional auto-responses. This is a work-around to how other companies in our lineup offer survey features, and is more expensive, as you must purchase every keyword you use. If you rely heavily on surveys or customer voting, this will become pricey, and Mozeo may not be the best choice for your business.

Reporting is quite basic with Mozeo and is missing the delivery notification report many other services offer. Rather than offering a line graph or some sort of pictorial representation of your messaging statistics, it provides numeric counts. Simply put, all the details you will find in the reporting tools are the total number of something, whether it is keyword responses, messages sent or opt-outs recorded. You can also run reports by day, week, month or year.

Support through this SMS marketing service is quite thorough because the company offers all of the most common forms of technical support. For detailed questions, you can easily access support by phone and email. Even better, you have immediate access to live chat support, which you can use from any screen by clicking the tab at the bottom of the page.
In addition, you can access FAQs and a knowledgebase by navigating to the Help Center, which is located at the top right corner of the website. This will direct you to tutorials and walk-throughs of the most basic functions.


Mozeo offers some unique and new features that will work to your advantage to market yourself or your business effectively in a mobile environment. While it has a few shortcomings, it also has several added perks. If polls are not a large component of your campaign, you will certainly want to consider this service for your text message marketing needs.