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The Best Trade Show Displays of 2016

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Why Buy Trade Show Displays?

Many marketing professionals can recall an era where trade show displays were large, bulky and expensive to set up. Advances in commercial printing have created possibilities for graphically interesting and highly portable trade show displays. Options like DisplayIt's 10 Foot Elements Line Trade Show Display, Castor's 10 x 10 Orbital Truss System and Ace Exhibits 10-Foot Trade Show package are far more cost effective and convenient display solutions than the massive booths of trade shows in the past.

If your company or business has an upcoming appearance at a consumer or business conference, you may consider investing in a portable trade show display or portable trade show booth. These are light, easy to assemble and inexpensive to ship and can be stowed in a closet or basement rather than being stored in an expensive storage facility.

Trade Show Displays: What to Look For

If you're new to marketing and need some tips, read on to help narrow your decision. You'll need to consider dimensions, how much you're willing to pay and how quickly your display will come.

Always start by sketching out the display space itself and determining how much you'll need to allocate for your graphics in addition to space for tables and chairs, podiums, media displays and more. If it's a smaller show, perhaps a tabletop pull-up graphic will suffice. For larger shows, determine if you will need additional lighting, one or two podiums with or without graphics, racks or stands for brochures and sales materials, or even an additional sandwich board to highlight a different aspect of your company. If you know your booth will be viewable from the back, look for options that include double-sided graphics.

Trade show displays come in a range of sizes and styles. Smaller graphics and pull-up signs, which can cost a few hundred dollars, are easier to transport and add color and pop to your display area. Booths with detailed trusses and larger graphics can run in the thousands. The larger the booth, the more it will cost to transport and store. If you do not have a design staff or a designer in house, calculate the cost of hiring a designer to help you complete your graphics. Often, trade show booth companies will provide in-house creative services, including graphic design. Look for a flexible service provider who can accommodate your specific needs.

Turnaround Time
Before you order, check the turnaround time from the manufacturer. If you know your team is likely to change its collective mind more than once, inquire ahead of time about setup fees and change orders. All manufacturers should be clear about their turnaround times. In this era of large-scale printing, it shouldn't take more than five business days for your booth to ship. Some companies will provide physical proofs in additional to an emailed proof. Ensure that if you would like to take advantage of that option, you know how much that will add to your production schedule. If you are in a pinch, many manufacturers will charge a rush fee to cut that turnaround time down to two, or even one, business day.

Trade shows and industry conferences can be the make-or-break event for the year. The right booth can make all the difference for your company's success.