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Best Paper Shredders Review

Paper shredders help eliminate waste around the home and office environment, but they do more than just that. They offer a way to protect classified and sensitive information from falling into the wro

Best Laser Pointers Review

Laser pointers serve several purposes. You can use them at office meetings to highlight important parts of presentations or at home as a high-tech toy for feline companions. Their powerful lights reac


OfficeSuperSavers sells office products at a discount, and you can purchase some at wholesale prices when you order in bulk. While some products are available as single units, many can only be purchas

Bulk Office Supply

Bulk Office Supply primarily sells bulk quantities of general office supplies, such as paper, pens and pencils, at deeply discounted prices. The more you purchase, the cheaper the cost per item. Many

Bassett Office Supply

Bassett Office Supply is an established company that has been supplying offices since 1971. This online office supply store’s website isn’t particularly user-friendly. It is awkward and fe

Office Supply, as the name suggests, is an online store that specializes in office supplies, with less of a focus on industry and commercial goods and services than other competing stores. It has a la

W.B. Mason

W. B. Mason has been supplying businesses since 1898, and its inventory is still very business-focused. As such, it isn’t the best online office supply store for the average home office. In addi


The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 works as a multi-functional device for offices and classrooms. It comes with a red laser and a remote control for slideshow presentations. While it may not be the


The Z-Bolt BTE-4S red laser pointer has moderate power output and can be seen for a long distance. It is easy to operate and comes with a small case for transport. It lacks the intensity needed for ba


The Kensington Presenter Expert green laser pointer includes cursor control and memory. It is 10 times brighter than a standard red laser, so it is highly visible, even in bright rooms. It comes with

Quartet Green

The Quartet Brilliant Green Laser Pointer features a handheld remote that you can use to transition between presentation slides. While it does have a green laser beam, this small device works better f

JD G301

The G301 Green Laser Pointer generates a powerful 5 milliwatt (mW) beam, and because of this power, it comes with a solid set of safety features. This useful device allows you to adjust the beam's int


The Orion SkyLine Deluxe is a high-power green laser pointer, the type of pointer commonly used by astronomers. Green is preferable for night sky viewing over other colors because the human eye is mor


The LaserPointerPro 30mW Purple Laser Pointer has a purple beam, and comes with a star-pattern head that projects a unique design on target surfaces. This unit comes with a built-in clip to help you c


The Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic blue laser pointer, also called the Spyder 3 Arctic, delivers a lot of power with a long range. It relies on an industrial quality frame and advanced safety features to pro

Quartet Slimline

Laser pointers are very useful when you need to draw attention to a particular item in a presentation. If you are presenting with a laser pointer in a school or government building, you need to use a


The Quarton INFINITER 2000 delivers a powerful green beam that surpasses the power of most common red lasers. It requires standard alkaline batteries for power and includes several safety features. Th


The Destroyit 2360SMC is a high-end machine that helps prevent identify theft and the sharing of sensitive information by shredding documents quickly and efficiently. It contains many features for use


The Rosewill RFSH-81401 is a light-duty machine that helps eliminate the possibility of identity theft or the inappropriate sharing of sensitive information. It shreds classified documents and files i


The ShredCare MQ80H is a personal or small business solution to help you protect your sensitive information. It has many advanced features and eliminates the need for shredding services. This paper s

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