The Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro is one of the three interactive displays included in the Promethean ActivBoard 500 Series. It measures 87 inches diagonally and weighs 90 pounds.

This electronic whiteboard comes with its own projector and all the hardware required to mount its pieces, as well as a built-in speaker and an amplifier. Both the whiteboard and the projector use a single power connection. The writing surface of the ActivBoard 587 Pro is a passive electromagnetic board that is also capable of capacitive sensing. The smart whiteboard itself is white and has a matte finish. However, it has a melamine top layer and does not work with dry-erase markers. A melamine whiteboard is not as durable, especially for classroom abuse, as electronic whiteboards with ceramic or porcelain steel surfaces.

The Promethean ActivPen is only 0.8 inches thick and is lightweight. It has an angled design that makes it easy for young students with small hands to hold and use. There are four pens included with the ActivBoard, and they are stored in a special clip located on the side of the electronic whiteboard. The cordless pens do not require batteries to work, and each comes with two switches that make it work very much like a computer mouse. However, the plastic tips on the pen can make them scratch and squeak on the matte melamine surface of the whiteboard.

The projector bundled with the Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro is the company's own EST-P1 projector. It is a DLP projector rated at 2,200 lumens and with a resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels. The projector has a power rating of 270 watts and a bulb that lasts 4,000 hours. These specifications make the projector just right for classroom use. It is not the most energy efficient projector, and you may need to draw some shades or dim ambient light to make it bright enough. In addition, the need to regularly replace its lamp adds to the cost of ownership. The stereo speakers on the Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro, however, are sufficiently loud for a classroom.

The Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and ships with a number of useful education software programs bundled with its ActivInspire Studio program. However, while it supports up to four simultaneous touch inputs under Windows OS, it only allows a maximum of two touch inputs while using ActivInspire. The Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro's deep access to a rich variety of online resources makes it an online whiteboard too.

Overall, the Promethean ActivBoard 587 Pro delivers a solid performance and is a complete whiteboard solution. However, it is an expensive electronic whiteboard with an average projector and melamine board.

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