The SMART Board 800 is part of the SMART Board 880i6 interactive whiteboard system along with the SMART UF70 projector. You can use the SMART Board 800 Series of interactive whiteboards in schools and offices.

This unit has a 77-inch display and weighs 56 pounds, while the UF70 projector weighs 16.7 pounds. The electronic whiteboard has a steel-coated dry-erase writing surface and uses a four-camera system for interactivity. The four cameras are embedded at the corners of the board, and they recognize pen and touch inputs as well as preprogrammed gestures. The steel-coated surface is more durable than comparable melamine-coated whiteboards. In addition, you can use the SMART Board 800 like a regular whiteboard thanks to its dry-erase surface. The whiteboard comes with two pens and a rectangular eraser. The pens use passive digitizing technology and do not require batteries. Each of them weighs less than an ounce and has a shape suitable for small hands.

While the SMART Board 800 ships with an actual eraser, it is one of the few interactive whiteboards that does not need one. To erase the board, simply wave an open palm across the display. Optical sensors in the pen tray on the whiteboard detect when you lift a pen or eraser and readies the writing surface for pen input. The tray also has a buttons to select colors for the pen. In addition to pens, its eraser and a control panel, the SMART Board 800 also comes with an infrared remote control.

The projector shipped with the smart whiteboard has a brightness rating of 3,000 lumens and an XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. This DLP projector is bright enough to use in rooms with moderate ambient light. However, it is not as bright or sharp as high-end HD projectors. The UF70 is a short-throw projector with throw ratio of 0.43:1. While its native aspect ratio is 4:3, it can display content at 5:4, 16:9 and 16:10. However, the projected content loses clarity due to scaling and is letterboxed at widescreen aspect ratios.

The projector's lamp lasts 2,500 hours in standard mode and 4,000 hours in economy mode. While these lifespans are average for an incandescent projector lamp, the continuous need to replace the lamps adds to the cost of maintaining the SMART Board 800. The projector does come with a 9-watt speaker that is loud enough for a classroom or a midsized conference room.

The SMART Board 800 is an electronic whiteboard with very few flaws. It is highly responsive and adds novel interactive gestures to standard pen and touch inputs. However, its price reflects this, and the projector bundled with it is underwhelming.

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