Bassett Office Supply Visit Site

Bassett Office Supply is an established company that has been supplying offices since 1971. This online office supply store’s website isn’t particularly user-friendly. It is awkward and feels dated, and it requires you to click through multiple screens to access the online ordering system. The ordering system itself is basic, with limited product information. However, you can order a physical catalog to browse through.

While its website isn’t exactly a shining example of cutting-edge technology or innovative design, Bassett Office Supply stocks an extensive list of office supplies. It’s catalog of general office supplies includes necessities like calendars, clocks, filing supplies and mailroom accessories.

The website’s furniture section is a little different than those of other online office supply companies. Instead of browsing through the catalog to make selections, you are shown a list of furniture manufacturers with links to their respective websites. Bassett states that it represents all of the listed brands and can procure your chosen furniture as well as plan and design your space and install the pieces you purchase.

Alternatively, you can order some furniture via the separate online ordering system. You can also browse a changing selection of used furniture, which is particularly useful if you’re shopping on a tight budget. However, the used furniture listings aren’t always entirely accurate, so you need to call them to place an order.

Just like the furniture section on Bassett Office Supply’s website, the office equipment section lists a lot of well-known equipment brands like HP, Brother and Kodak, but you can’t order any equipment from the website itself. Instead, you have to call the company or go through its separate, clunky online ordering system website. The order system site is maintained separately from the main site, and you have to go through the painful navigation process all over again to find your products. Still, the company has an extensive selection of technology and office equipment, including large, heavy-duty multi-function printers; security systems; surveillance equipment; and computer peripherals.

Providing your business falls within the company’s service area, you can purchase servicing packages for your electronics and equipment. The company also offers pay-per-print managed print services, furniture rental, inventory management and IT support.

In addition to the usual payment options, this company offers in-house financing services, as well as lease and lease-to-own options. You don’t have to spend a minimum amount for free shipping; shipping is free, no matter the size of your order, and 95 percent of items reach customers within 24 hours of placing an order.

There aren’t many self-help resources available on Bassett Office Supply’s website, but you can email or call the company if you have questions. The order system website has some help information, but again, it’s awkward and clunky. If you’re within the service area, the company guarantees a four-hour response window for service calls, and it employees fully trained service technicians. While this online office supply company doesn’t offer any reward or loyalty programs, it does have tiered pricing and bulk discount policy.