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Credit Card Processing Fees: Small Business Guide

Credit card processing seems like it should be so simple. You ring up a sale, your customer swipes or dips a credit card into the card reader and money is magically transferred from the card to your b

Credit Card Processing Fees: The Official Guide for Small Businesses

Credit card processing seems like it should be so simple. You ring up a sale, your customer swipes or dips a credit card into the card reader and money is magically transferred from the card to your b

The History of Mobile Pay

Currency has been evolving for thousands of years. People began exchanging goods and services using the barter system but eventually switched to coins as a matter of practicality. Today, we primarily

Should You Use a Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing?

If you own a business, you might wonder if you should be using a virtual terminal for credit card processing. This depends on how you do business: If you most of your sales take place in a store, then

Are Square's Credit Card Processing Fees Too Expensive?

As a small business owner, you may have resisted accepting credit card payments due to equipment costs and fees or because it seemed difficult to set up. However, mobile credit card processing is chan

The Lowest Credit Card Processing Rates – Are You Being Baited?

There’s no dispute that price is a major consideration in choosing a credit card processor. For small business owners, finding the best service at the best price is a priority. Most credit card

Wearable Tech + FinTech = Love

Wearable technology that allows you to pay for purchases without using your card or phone? Sounds interesting, right? While we can't definitively say consumers have embraced finance technology (fintec

Shocking Credit Card Fraud Statistics. How You Can Protect Yourself and Customers

In August 2016, the Eddie Bauer clothing company announced it found malware on registers at 350 of its American stores, potentially compromising any credit and debit card used at its stores between Ja

Who's Winning the Mobile Wallet War - Apple, Android or Samsung Pay?

Accepting mobile wallet payments does not cost business owners more than what it costs to process a card-present transaction. A mobile wallet is an app that allows mobile phone users to store credit c

Credit Card Terminal Speed Dating - The "Must Have" Qualities in Your Partner

Just like dating, when purchasing your new credit card terminal, you should have a few deal breakers in mind to find the best credit card terminal for your point-of-sale (POS) system to ensure a succe

Are Credit Card Companies Blackballing Your Business?

Are Credit Card Companies Blackballing Your Business? It's not only frustrating but also insulting to have your processing application turned down and be told that your company is "high risk,&qu

The Weakest Link in Your Business's Credit Card Processing

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the average company loses five percent of its earnings to occupational fraud. Fraud takes many forms, but retail businesses are especi

Should You Charge Your Customers Credit Card Convenience Fees?

Paying with plastic is increasingly the default option for most Americans. According to TSYS's 2015 Consumer Payment Choice Study, consumers largely prefer using credit and debit cards for the majorit

Credit Card Processing For Subscription-Based Businesses

From magazines to meals to club memberships, subscription-based products and services are continually popular. Your customers expect to be able to pay for these recurring services in the easiest way p

Four Tips to Prevent Ecommerce Credit Card Processing Fraud

With the growing use of EMV chip technology at brick-and-mortar businesses across the U.S., there's been a decrease in counterfeit credit card fraud at the point-of-sale. However, fraud at online stor

Visa & Mastercard - New Tech To Speed Up EMV Transaction Time?

October 2015 marked the transition of counterfeit fraud liability from the credit card companies to merchants. This shift was implemented to encourage merchants to upgrade their credit card processing

Why High-Risk Credit Card Processing May Actually Be Your Best Friend

Plastic is now the most popular way to pay for items. According to a 2014 report by the consumer payments industry, 78 percent of purchases are made with a credit or debit card, with another 1 percent

EMV Liability for Fuel Pumps and ATMs: The Roadmap to Compliance

In October 2015, credit card companies changed their regulations so that fraud liability shifted to the party with the least secure system. What this means is that businesses that didn't upgrade their

EMV Liability for Fuel Pumps and ATMs: The Risks and What to Do

Delaying EMV Upgrade Increases Risk of Fraud at ATMs & Gas Pumps After October 1, 2017, businesses that haven't upgraded their ATM machines with EMV-compliant card readers are liable for counterf

Five Tricks to Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card processing is a vital part of any business that exchanges goods or services for money. Even nonprofits are finding that the ability to process credit card transactions leads to an increase

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