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Pros / Gotmerchant.com lists its fees and costs online.

Cons / This processor has the highest monthly processing minimum.

 Verdict / Gotmerchant.com has average tiered rates, but it has a high interchange-plus rate.

Gotmerchant.com is a Texas-based credit card processor that provides businesses with the technology to accept credit cards online. It also offers mobile and traditional credit card processing. Gotmerchant.com approves applicants that have bad credit, so it may be an option worth exploring if you've had trouble being approved by other online credit card processing companies.

This online payment processing company offers two different pricing options for accepting credit cards online: tiered and interchange-plus rates. Because of its pricing flexibility, it can better serve businesses of all sizes.

Gotmerchant.com's interchange-plus rate is one of the most expensive in our lineup. It charges an interchange markup of 0.50 percent in addition to a $0.15 per-transaction fee. The markup is the second highest in our review while the per-transaction fee is roughly average. Interchange-plus pricing is ideal for businesses that have a high average ticket size and is recommended by industry experts as the most cost-effective pricing model.

Gotmerchant.com also offers a tiered rate than may benefit businesses that accept a lot of debit cards. Transactions made with debit cards range from 0.99 percent for qualified transactions to 3.79 percent for non-qualified sales. Credit card sales start at 2.19 percent for qualified cards and 3.79 percent for non-qualified cards. All tiered transactions have a $0.25 per-transaction fee. Before signing up with a processor, you should ask what card types it assigns to each specific tier so you can determine which pricing model is the best fit for your business.

This processor charges many of the industry-standard fees. The $10 monthly fee is on the lower end of what online credit card processing companies in our review charge. You also pay a $10 monthly gateway fee, but there's no charge to set up the gateway. Gotmerchant's $50 monthly minimum is the highest we saw. The processing minimum is based solely on processing costs, so you want to make sure your business processes enough sales each month to satisfy the minimum. The annual PCI-compliance fee with this service can be as much as $89.

Gotmerchant doesn't require a long-term contract, nor does it have any cancellation fees. It does require 90 days' notice if you wish to change services. It can take between one and two days to set up your account and two to three days for your funds to be deposited. Both time frames fall within the acceptable ranges for online credit card processing companies.

Our reviewers contacted Gotmerchant's customer service on different days and at different times. The reps we spoke with were helpful and provided answers to all our questions. Customer service features include a dedicated account rep, 24/7 phone support and an online knowledgebase.


Gotmerchant.com provides multiple pricing options, but both are on the high end compared to the online credit card processing companies we reviewed. It can be a good option if you have bad credit and have had trouble signing up elsewhere.

Gotmerchant.com Compare Quotes