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E-Commerce Exchange Review

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PROS / E-Commerce Exchange helps you achieve PCI compliance and contacts you if you fall out of compliance.

CONS / If you accept free equipment, you have to sign a long-term contact that carries an early-termination penalty.

 VERDICT / E-Commerce Exchange is a top credit card processor that provides proactive customer service and comparable transaction rates. It's a solid choice for your credit card processing needs.

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E-Commerce Exchange

E-Commerce Exchange is a good credit card processor that approves a high percentage of applicants and provides you with a dedicated account rep. It charges reasonable transaction rates and allows you to choose from a variety of payment gateways.

E-Commerce Exchange's percentage rates for swiped and keyed-in debit and credit cards are similar to other services in its class, as is its per-transaction fee. It charges a monthly statement fee, a monthly gateway fee and carries a monthly minimum, which means that you need to generate a certain dollar amount of transaction fees in order to avoid an additional fee. E-Commerce Exchange also charges an annual PCI-compliance fee.

E-Commerce Exchange approves 99 percent of merchant account applications and approves many applicants that its competitors deem too high risk. It also approves international businesses. It can approve and set up your account as quickly as the same day you apply. There's no setup fee, and there's no contract unless you accept free equipment from E-Commerce Exchange. If you do choose to accept free equipment, be aware that the contract is lengthy and there is a significant early-termination penalty.

E-Commerce Exchange takes a proactive approach to security. After it sets up your account, your account rep helps you establish your PCI compliance. The company automatically performs quarterly scans on your equipment, and if you fall out of compliance, it will contact you by phone and email to remind you to reestablish your compliance.

With E-Commerce Exchange, you can choose from several payment gateway services, including Authorize, Plug'n Pay, Sage, QuickCommerce and ROAMgateway. E-Commerce Exchange takes a little longer to deposit transaction funds into your bank account than some other services, as it takes between one and three days to clear the account. As the company's name suggests, E-Commerce Exchange is able to meet your eCommerce needs and a shopping cart is available. Mobile credit card processing is also available.

Using your E-Commerce Exchange merchant account, you can accept payments using every major credit and debit card. In order to stay ahead of EMV requirements, all of the terminals and point of sales systems that E-Commerce Exchange sells are EMV compliant. Most of the card readers it sells are NFC ready so you can also accept payments made using Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard.

Customer service and tech support are available 24/7 via phone and email. E-Commerce Exchange assigns you a dedicated account rep who can help you test your system, reprogram your terminal and make sure everything is set up properly.


E-Commerce Exchange is a top credit card processor that provides you with a dedicated account rep and takes proactively steps to help you establish and maintain your PCI compliance. Its transaction rates and fees are near average, and with your account, you can accept payments made using all major credit and debit cards as well as EMV chip cards and NFC payments.

E-Commerce Exchange