Editor's note: Cayan is the newly rebranded company name of Merchant Warehouse. Cayan has updated its pricing structure and we will evaluate, rank and review the modifications when we next update the Credit Card Processing reviews.

Merchant Warehouse is a good credit card processing company that allows you to accept the newest payment technologies available. Its pricing for swiped debit and credit transactions is excellent, but if you need to key-in a transaction, it is expensive; in fact, it is the highest keyed-in rate in our review. Per-transaction fees are on par with most of the processors we reviewed. It charges a very low monthly service fee and a PCI-compliance fee that you can choose to pay either annually or quarterly, although the quarterly option is more expensive. There is no gateway fee.

Merchant Warehouse approves 99 percent of the applicants that apply for merchant accounts. After you submit your application, it takes up to two days to approve it and set up your account. It's free to apply, and there's no setup fee. Additionally, there's no contract so you can cancel your account at any time without incurring a penalty.

Merchant Warehouse is fully security compliant, which means that it offers address verification and card verification value (CVV2) authentication, which is important because it helps you identify your customer as the cardholder and prevent credit card fraud. It also has end-to-end secure socket layer encryption that protects your transaction data as it's uploaded to the credit card company. Merchant Warehouse clears the account in an average amount of time, depositing transaction funds into your bank account within one to two days. It offers shopping carts for your eCommerce needs as well as mobile credit card processing.

Merchant Warehouse's Genius point of sale system is unique because in addition to accepting payments made with all major credit and debit cards, EMV card and NFC mobile wallets, it also accepts payments made using QR codes.

Although live chat is available on Merchant Warehouse's website, you have to wait a long time for an available operator. The toll-free number is staffed 24/7, however. Merchant Warehouse's website is a rich resource with helpful articles and interesting infographics about credit card processing, but the search feature doesn't work, so you have to navigate the menus to find the information you're looking for.

Cayan Summary:

Merchant Warehouse is a good credit card processor that offers great rates on swiped transactions. This payment processing service is an especially good option if you want to offer your customers the option of paying with the latest payment technologies available.



You can accept payments made with credit and debit cards, EMV cards, NFC mobile wallets, and QR codes.

Keyed-in transactions are very expensive.

The Verdict:

Merchant Warehouse is a good credit card processor, especially if you want to be able to accept the newest payment technologies available.