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Fattmerchant Review

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PROS / The company offers three pricing plans based on how your business accepts payments. Each plan includes unlimited processing.

CONS / You can't purchase a terminal outright as equipment use is included as part of the monthly membership fee.

 VERDICT / Although its membership fee is expensive and you can't purchase equipment outright, Fattmerchant has transparent pricing with several plans to choose from and may be a good choice for small businesses that process a high volume.

Fattmerchant is an Orlando, Florida-based company that offers credit card processing services to small businesses. Like Payment Depot, Fattmerchant uses a membership-based pricing model. It offers three service plans, each with unlimited processing; the plan you choose depends on which type of setup you need. Although the monthly membership fee includes the cost of equipment use, it's the highest such fee in our review and there isn't an option to purchase your equipment outright.

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This credit card merchant services company scored well – 89% – on our transparency and consistency score. It posts its pricing and fees on its website, as well as information about its contract, including a link to its terms and conditions. The reps we spoke with were forthcoming with the information we requested and emailed us a pricing quote, however, instead of a full contract to review, they sent a link to their online application.

Fattmerchant doesn't charge a percentage markup above interchange rates. Instead, it charges between $0.08 and $0.25 per transaction, depending on the service plan you choose. Although the lowest plan's rates are high, the top plan's rates are among the best – especially with the lack of a percentage markup. However, the membership fee is expensive, and even though it's the only regular fee the company charges and it includes equipment use, it makes it a more expensive service than its competitors, depending on your monthly volume and equipment needs.

There isn't a monthly minimum, and it doesn't charge an annual fee. It doesn't charge a setup or monthly fee if you need a payment gateway. It doesn't charge a PCI-compliance fee, though if you fail to establish compliance, it charges $19.95 per month, which is a lower-than-average amount for this fee. If a customer disputes a charge resulting in a chargeback, the fee is $15 per instance, which is also lower than average.

Another plus with Fattmerchant is that you're not obligated to sign a lengthy contract. Like the best merchant services companies in the industry, it provides service on a month-to-month basis. There's no cancellation fee, but you're required to submit written notice of your intent to cancel 30 days in advance. You're also required to return the company's equipment within two weeks in order to avoid a hefty penalty.

The application is online, and the company can set up your account within one to two days after you submit your application, which is standard for this industry. Once you begin processing, the company can clear the account and deposit the money from your transactions into your business bank account next day, which is faster than average.

The company's customer service was excellent. The account representatives we spoke with were upfront about pricing and service terms and were courteous and seemed knowledgeable about merchant accounts. They promptly followed up with us following the initial contacts, providing us with written pricing quotes. The company provides dedicated account representatives, 24/7 phone support and live chat.


Fattmerchant's membership fee is expensive, but it doesn't charge any additional fees, and the price includes equipment use. Its processing rates are competitive, and it may be a good value to small businesses that run a high volume of transactions each month. Like the best merchant services companies, its pricing information is clearly posted on it's website, it provides month-to-month service and doesn't charge a cancellation fee.

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