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Cartwheel Register Review

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PROS / Your account can be set up in as little as seven minutes.

CONS / Cartwheel Register isn't available for Android.

 VERDICT / Cartwheel Register is a good option for small businesses that primarily want an app-based processing solution.

Cartwheel Register is a relatively new processor based in Dallas, Texas. It's the mobile credit card processing venture of Tantrum Street, which offers other eCommerce products, such as Skip Wallet. Cartwheel has low processing costs and charges no fees. For these reasons, Cartwheel Register receives the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Cartwheel Register Compare Quotes

Cartwheel Register doesn't require the use of a card reader to process transactions. Instead, the Cartwheel Register app uses your phone or tablet's camera to capture card data. These transactions are treated as online transactions rather than card-present transactions, so you don't need to worry about getting EMV-compliant equipment to comply with the October, 2015 EMV regulations.

In addition to giving you the ability to accept credit cards, Cartwheel Register has analytic features to help you gather insights on your business. You can also integrate with QuickBooks to track your transactions. The Cartwheel Register app is only available for Apple phones and tablets.

Fees & Pricing

Cartwheel Register has a simple pricing plan, with a flat rate of 2.60 percent for all transactions. This means that regardless of whether the purchase is made with a credit, debit or rewards card, the rate is the same. The $0.24 per-transaction fee is higher than some other processors we reviewed.

Besides the processing costs, Cartwheel Register doesn't have any other fees. You don't have to pay any monthly fees or annual PCI-compliance fees, nor must you meet a monthly minimum.

Setup & Service

We rated all the processors we reviewed on the transparency and consistency of the information they provided. Cartwheel Register received the maximum score; it provides all the information you need on its website, and that information was consistent with what the company told us when we contacted its reps.

Cartwheel Register rated well on its ease of application. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to submit your SSN or EIN to sign up so Cartwheel can verify your identity. Account approval is very quick – you can be up and processing the same day you apply. Cartwheel doesn't require you to sign a lengthy contract, which is one of the most important considerations when looking for a mobile credit card processing company.

Customer Support

Cartwheel Register offers phone support, and you can also reach the company via email. The reps we contacted through email were helpful but took a while to respond to our questions. Like many mobile credit card processing companies, Cartwheel Register's phone support isn't available 24/7 and the company doesn't provide you with a dedicated account rep.


Cartwheel Register is a newer processor that combines low costs and no fees with innovative technology that doesn't require the use of card readers. Be aware that the Cartwheel Register app isn't available for Android devices.

Cartwheel Register Compare Quotes