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CDGcommerce Review

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PROS / CDGcommerce clears your account the next day.

CONS / Rewards cards are processed at the keyed-in rate.

 VERDICT / CDGcommerce has a few fees and one of the lowest swiped flat rates.

CDGcommerce is a mobile credit card processor that also offers online and traditional credit card processing services. It's been in operation since 1998. This processor offers a low swiped rate, but that doesn't include rewards and international cards or keyed-in transactions. It charges a monthly fee, quickly deposits your funds and doesn't require any long-term contract.

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This processor provides you with the first magstripe swiper for free, but you're charged for any additional mobile card readers you need. CDGcommerce doesn't have a mobile EMV-certified card reader at present, but it's in the process of developing one and will notify its merchants when the new readers are available.

CDGcommerce has one of the lowest swiped flat rates of the products we reviewed. Swiped debit and credit cards have a 1.70 percent processing rate and a $0.25 per-transaction fee. Keyed-in transactions, rewards cards and international cards have a 2.90 percent processing rate and a $0.30 per-transaction cost.

This processor is one of the few we reviewed that requires a monthly fee. CDGcommerce's monthly fee is $10. You can also enroll in the cdg360 protection plan, which includes additional security features and breach protection. CDGcommerce doesn't have a monthly minimum or require an annual PCI-compliance fee.

We gave CDGcommerce 70 percent on our transparency and consistency score because it doesn't post information about its terms online. Our testers were also told that the EMV liability shift doesn't yet apply to mobile credit card readers, which differs from the information we received from Visa.

Setting up an account is quick and easy. You can be approved and processing within an hour of signing up. CDGcommerce deposits your funds into your account the day after the sales are made. You don't have to sign a long-term contract to use this service.

CDGcommerce offers you a variety of customer service options, including 24/7 phone support, responsive live chat and a thorough online knowledgebase. It assigns you a dedicated account rep. We found the reps we spoke with to be helpful and knowledgeable as well as prompt in following up if they didn't have an immediate answer to our questions.


CDGcommerce has a low flat rate for most transaction but has a higher rate for rewards and international cards and keyed-in transactions. It is one of the few mobile processors that charges a monthly fee. This mobile credit card processor has quick setup times and helpful customer service.

CDGcommerce Compare Quotes