Pros / Flagship ROAMpay gives you a dedicated account rep.

Cons / This processor has a monthly minimum that you must meet through your processing costs.

 Verdict / Flagship ROAMpay has tiered pricing and high fees but provides excellent customer service.

Flagship ROAMpay is the mobile credit card processing branch of Flagship Merchant Services. This processor sets you up with a traditional merchant account and can also provide traditional retail and online processing. Flagship has a tiered rate pricing plan, which can be good for merchants that accept a high volume of debit cards. This processor has higher fees than most mobile processors and lacks transparency, but it offers excellent customer service.

When you sign up for an account with Flagship, you can purchase an EMV-compliant mobile credit card reader for $59.99. In addition to accepting chip cards, you can also use this mobile card reader to accept payments made with mobile wallets like Apple Pay because it includes near field communication (NFC) technology.

Flagship offers tiered rates to its merchants. The 0.38 percent plus $0.19 per-transaction fee for qualified debit cards is one of the lowest rates we saw. Non-qualified debit transactions are processed at a 1.98 percent rate plus $0.19 per transaction. Credit card transactions have higher processing costs, starting at 1.58 percent plus $0.19 per transaction for qualified transactions and 3.56 percent plus $0.19 per transaction for non-qualified. While a flat rate is useful for businesses that generate a lot of small ticket sales, a tiered rate can benefit your business if you have larger average sales tickets and process a higher volume of sales each month, particularly if your customers prefer to pay with debit cards.

In addition to its processing costs, Flagship ROAMpay also charges a monthly fee of $7.95 and a yearly PCI-compliance fee of $99, and it requires you to generate a minimum of $25 in processing costs each month. These are higher expenses than many of the mobile processors we reviewed, and for that reason, this processor is best suited for businesses that process enough to benefit from its lower processing rates.

Flagship posts its terms online but doesn't provide information about its pricing and fees. We consider transparency of information imperative when looking for a mobile credit card processor. The best companies post complete information about their pricing and fees clearly on their websites. Flagship's website lacks this information.

You aren't required to sign a long-term contract with Flagship, which gives your business the flexibility to move on if it isn't meeting your needs. Setup time is quick, and you can begin processing the next day. You have to wait for your card reader to arrive to avoid paying higher non-qualified rates on keyed-in transactions. Funds are deposited within two days.

Flagship boasts excellent customer service, including a dedicated account rep and 24/7 phone support. If you value a personal touch with customer service, Flagship is a great choice to help you accept mobile credit card payments.

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Flagship ROAMpay offers full-service merchant accounts with excellent customer service. This processor uses a tiered pricing plan that may be good if your business has a higher average sales tickets and customers that prefer to pay with debit cards. It has higher fees than many of the other mobile credit card processors we reviewed.

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