Let's Find The Right Credit Card Processing Service For You

Pros / Spark Pay has different plans for merchants with different sales volumes.

Cons / This processor doesn't offer 24/7 phone support.

 Verdict / Spark Pay has flexible pricing but lacks some important customer service features.

Spark Pay is the credit card processing arm of Capital One. In addition to offering mobile credit card processing, it also has online and traditional processing options. This processor has good rates and no fees, but it's missing some crucial customer service features.

When you sign up for a Spark Pay account, you can receive up to three free swipers. Spark Pay doesn't currently have an EMV-ready mobile credit card reader but will notify its merchants when one is available.

Spark Pay has two different mobile processing plans for merchants. The Pro Plan is ideal for larger businesses and has lower rates but requires a monthly fee. For the purposes of this review, we looked at Spark Pay's Go Plan. This plan is better for smaller businesses that are interested in only accepting mobile credit card payments.

The Go Plan includes a 2.65 percent flat rate fee that applies to debit and credit cards, including rewards cards. If you need to key in a transaction, the rate is 3.70 percent. The per-transaction fee for each sale is $0.05, which is lower than most per-transaction fees, making it a good option for businesses with small tickets.

Spark Pay doesn't have any monthly or PCI-compliance fees. You're not required to meet a monthly minimum if you choose to use this service.

When evaluating mobile credit card processors, we place a high importance on services that are transparent and consistent in the information they provide to customers. Spark Pay received a maximum score on transparency for making all its information available to customers online as well as being consistent when our reviewers contacted Spark Pay representatives to learn more about its rates and terms.

Setting up your Spark Pay account isn't as quick as it is with some of the other processors we reviewed. Still, you can expect to be approved and accepting cards within two days. You may be required to submit more information about your business, including an EIN number, to be approved. Once you're accepting cards, you can expect to see funds deposited in your account in one to two business days.

Spark Pay is missing some key customer service features. It doesn't have 24/7 phone support, a dedicated account rep or live chat. However, the website includes a knowledgebase that provides some detailed information to prospective customers. We found the reps we spoke with to be helpful and knowledgeable, but customer service wasn't responsive when we filled out the online form. If you wish to contact Spark Pay, we recommend calling directly.


Spark Pay is the mobile processing branch of Capital One. This processor has two plans for small businesses, including an option that doesn't require a monthly fee and has a single flat rate for swiped transactions.

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