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Pros / This service's EMV-compliant terminals are inexpensive. They also include NFC technology so you can accept payments made using mobile wallets.

Cons / Cayan's transparency is lacking as it doesn't list information about pricing and terms on its website.

 Verdict / While Cayan has competitive pricing, it isn't as transparent as other services in our review.

Cayan is a payment gateway provider previously called Merchant Warehouse. Compared to the other payment gateway services we reviewed that offer both interchange-plus and tiered pricing, its rates are very competitive. It also received good ratings for its service terms and customer service. However, it lacks the consistency and transparency of information that we found in the top-rated companies for in our review.

Cayan earned a Transparency and Consistency score of 44%. Its website doesn't list any fees, rates or contractual terms. In our testing, we contacted Cayan on multiple occasions as prospective merchants and received different pricing information from different representatives.

This payment gateway provider has EMV-ready terminals at a cost lower than the average on our lineup, which can be especially helpful to new businesses or businesses needing to update their terminals. These terminals are also future-proof, meaning that they can accept contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

In our testing, we specifically looked at interchange-plus pricing as this is the pricing model that industry experts recommend for most businesses. This payment gateway provider has a better-than-average rates at 0.20% and $0.10 above interchange.

In regards to fees, Cayan's are among the lowest we saw. Its monthly fee is $4.95, and it doesn't have a monthly minimum that you have to meet in processing fees. Like many companies we reviewed, it charges an annual $99 PCI-compliance fee, which is average. The chargeback fee is $25, which is also average. This is a per-incident fee, so you don't have to pay it unless you have a customer dispute a charge. There is no setup fee and no annual fee.

If online transactions are part of your business plan, Cayan can set you up with an Authorize.net payment gateway. It has a fee of $10 a month and there's no setup fee. You're required to set up a different merchant account specifically for online processing, however, which means you have to pay the monthly fee for both merchant accounts. Cayan has a Genius API that you can use to customize your payment gateway.

Cayan earned a high score – 96% – for the ease of its setup process. You can fill out its application online, and the company can approve and set up your account in one day, which is faster than average. Once you begin processing payments, Cayan can deposit money in your bank account within one to two business days, which is within the industry average.

Even though we received differing quotes from the account representatives we spoke with, agents were helpful and had a thorough knowledge of the workings of their company, earning the company 100% on our Customer Service score. Live chat is available on the company's website during select hours and phone support is available 24/7.


Although Cayan lacks the transparency and consistency of the best payment gateway providers we reviewed, its rates are competitive and fees are lower than average. It offers an inexpensive terminal that can accept EMV chip cards as well as mobile wallets. It also has solid service terms and excellent customer service.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Quick Picks

Transparency & Consistency
Minimum Cost for EMV Upgrade
Noteworthy Feature
Good rates
Best For
Small and medium businesses

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange-Plus Markup
Per Transaction

Tier Pricing

Swiped Debit Card
0.28 - 1.63%
Swiped Credit Card
1.54 - 2.89%
Per Transaction
$0.19 - 0.25

Ongoing Fees

Monthly Fee
Monthly Minimum
No Annual Fee

Online Processing Fees

No Gateway Setup Fee
Monthly Gateway Fee

Other Fees

PCI Compliance
PCI Noncompliance
Chargeback Fee

Setup & Service Terms

Ease of Application
No Contract Required
No Cancellation Fee
No Setup Fee
Quick Setup Time
Quickly Clears the Account

Customer Support

Customer Service
Dedicated Account Rep
Phone 24/7
Live Chat