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CreditCard Processing.com Review

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PROS / You can buy an EMV-compliant terminal at a low cost from this company.

CONS / This service's website doesn't detail its rates and fees.

 VERDICT / CreditCardProcessing.com's EMV-compliant terminal is more affordable than most. It has lower-than-average fees and no lengthy contract requirement. However, it doesn't post its pricing online.

CreditCardProcessing.com, a reseller of iPayment, can set you up with a merchant account and an Authorize.net payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card payments online or using a virtual terminal. It has two pricing options you can choose from, good customer service, and it doesn't require a lengthy contract.

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When evaluating payment gateway providers, we looked at not only the fees and rates they charge but also the transparency and consistency of the information we received when we contacted the company as potential clients.

We reached out to CreditCardProcessing.com multiple times, and the information we received from each point of contact was consistent. You must call the company to get rates and fees information, however; there's no pricing information available on the company's website. For these reasons, it received 67% on our Transparency and Consistency score.

It's important to have EMV-compliant processing equipment, since following the October 1, 2015 liability shift, you're liable for costs associated with any counterfeit fraud that occurs at your point of sale if you accept payment without this equipment. CreditCardProcessing.com has one of the most affordable EMV-compliant terminals of the companies on our list. While purchasing your equipment outright is always the best option, you can receive a basic EMV terminal at no cost in exchange for signing a one-year contract.

Interchange-plus pricing is recommended for most businesses by industry experts, and you can request it when you call the company for a rate quote. CreditCardProcessing.com has one of the highest rates in our review, charging 0.30% + $0.10 over interchange. If most of your customers prefer using regular debit cards, tiered pricing is also available.

You should expect to pay the typical fees with CreditCardProcessing.com. It has a lower-than-average monthly fee of $7.95. You must also meet a monthly minimum of $25 in processing costs and pay a yearly PCI-compliance fee of $119. If you neglect your PCI responsibilities, you're charged $30 per month until you establish compliance. If a customer disputes a transaction, you're charged a $25 chargeback fee.

You may need a payment gateway in addition to your merchant account; for example, if you want to use a virtual terminal to accept payments or you want to accept payments on your website. CreditCardProcessing.com can set you up with an Authorize.net payment gateway with no setup charge and a monthly gateway fee of $7.95.

This payment gateway services company has no long-term commitment requirements, meaning it provides its services on a month-to-month basis. If you switch processors at some point in the future, you can do easily so with this flexible plan as there's no cancellation fee.

Signing up for an account with this company is fast and simple to do, with an online application that you can sign electronically. As with all of the payment gateway providers on our site, we recommend thoroughly reading through the entire contract (application, terms of service and program guide) before you apply or sign anything.

Setting up your account takes less time than the industry standard of two days, as the company can do this in as little as one day after you submit your completed application. Once you start processing, it typically takes between one to two business days to clear the account and deposit the money from your transactions into your account. This is consistent with the industry average.

During our testing, we found that CreditCardProcessing.com offers good customer service. Its representatives were courteous and promptly replied to our email and phone inquiries, earning it full marks on this score. The company provides its customers with a dedicated account representative and phone support is available 24/7.


CreditCardProcessing.com is a solid payment gateway services provider with responsive customer service and multiple pricing options. It doesn't require a long-term contract, has lower-than-average monthly fees and sells an affordable EMV-compliant terminal. However, it isn't as transparent as its competitors, and its interchange-plus rates are among the highest in our review.

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