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Payline Review

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PROS / There are transparent pricing plans available for both retail and online merchants.

CONS / Payline charges a gateway setup fee. It also charges a monthly gateway fee and gateway per-transaction fees.

 VERDICT / This company has high-quality customer support and great service terms as well as low, interchange-plus processing costs. However, setting up a payment gateway costs extra.

Payline is a payment gateway service provider with solid service terms, no lengthy contracts and no penalty fees for early cancellation. It has an easy application process and better-than-average retail processing costs, with discounts available for charitable organizations and businesses that process more than $80,000 per month. The customer service we received from this company was some of the best among the payment gateways that we reviewed. Due to these reasons, Payline earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Quick Picks

Payline is transparent and consistent with the information it provides, which are qualities we specifically looked for when reviewing payment gateway providers. It lists all of its fees, costs and terms online, and interchange-plus pricing is available to all of its customers.

When we called the company as prospective customers, we found the information posted online matched the quotes we received when we spoke with agents from the company. These agents followed up with us promptly, emailing us full contracts and pricing quotes in writing. Payline earned a perfect score, 100%, for transparency and consistency.

If you accept credit cards in person, it's important to have current processing equipment that accepts EMV chip cards. As of October 1, 2015, if you accept a counterfeited card at your point of sale and you don't have updated equipment, you're liable for all costs associated with the fraudulent sale. Payline offers EMV-compliant processing equipment. Its basic terminal costs $300, which is more expensive than the other options on our line.

Processing Costs

Payline offers interchange-plus pricing, also known as cost-plus or pass-through pricing, to its customers. When we reached out to Payline, its representatives quoted us retail rates of 0.20% + $0.10 (its per-transaction fee), which was consistent with what was on the company's website.

This rate is a competitive rate when compared with the retail processing costs charged by other payment gateway providers we reviewed. You can sign up for one of two plans with Payline. The Retail plan is for businesses that accept cards in person, and the Online plan is for businesses that accept cards on their websites.

Payline's markup percentages for online processing are higher than its retail rates, but this is common in this industry. The percentage markup may also be higher if your business is in an industry that's considered high-risk (debt consolidation, mail order, etc.). Discounted rates are available for charitable organizations and nonprofits, and customized rates are available to businesses processing more than $80,000 monthly.


This payment gateway provider charges many of the standard fees charged by most credit card processors. These include a monthly fee, a monthly minimum and an annual PCI-compliance fee. These fees, which are $15, $25 and $99 respectively, are average for the payment gateway services we reviewed. If you put off establishing PCI compliance, you're charged a $20 noncompliance fee each month until you remedy the situation.

Most processors base a monthly minimum requirement on just the processing costs of each transaction. It's worth noting that Payline bases the monthly minimum on the full transaction, which makes meeting this requirement very easy for your business. Instead of having to pay $25 in just processing fees, you must process at least $25 of total transactions each month. This can be especially useful if you're a new business and are worried about meeting a monthly minimum requirement or if your business is seasonal and processes fewer transactions during certain times of the year.

If you need a payment gateway, Payline can set you up with either Authorize.net or NMI. It charges a setup fee of $49 and an ongoing monthly gateway fee of $10. The gateway also comes with an additional $0.10 per-transaction fee.

At $35, this company charges the highest chargeback fee in our review. Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a charge. These are more common with online processing, since common reasons include delivery failures and technical issues.

Setup & Service

Out of all of the payment gateway providers we reviewed, Payline had one of the quickest and easiest-to-complete applications. It can be filled out online in about 10 minutes, and accounts are approved and set up the same day in most cases.

If you need your money faster than the typical 24 to 48 hours offered by most processors, Payline is one of the fastest processors available in our review, usually taking just one business day to clear the account and deposit the money from your transactions into your account.

There's no lengthy contract to work with Payline. Instead, you can process month-to-month, and there are no cancellation fees if you ever quit using the service and close your account. Like any legally binding document, it's important to request and read the entire contract (application, terms of service and program guide) and verify that you're aware of all fees and the contract term (specifically that it's month-to-month with no cancellation fees rather than the standard three-year term).

Customer Support

Payline stood out throughout our testing for its customer service. It earned a perfect 100% Customer Service score. The company representatives we contacted were courteous and helpful. They explained industry terms, like interchange and PCI, to us in detail.

Further, this company provides you with a dedicated account representative, giving you a single point of contact for the company in case you have any problems or questions. It also offers 24/7 support via phone and has live chat available on its website.


Payline is among the best payment gateway providers we reviewed. It offers interchange-plus pricing to its customers, with rates that are more affordable than average and fees that are standard to this industry. This company has great account terms, with month-to-month service and no early cancellation fees. It has one of the quickest setup times we found and is also one of the fastest companies when it comes to clearing the account and depositing money from transactions into your business bank account. Its customer service is top-notch, which is helpful in case you have any problems or questions with your service.

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