Pros / Gotmerchant provides full POS in exchange for a payment processing contract, even if you need more than one system. Gotmerchant will match or beat your current credit card processor's rate.

Cons / You have to use its payment processor and cannot use the one you may already be in business with.

 Verdict / If you find the Gotmerchant payment processing contract agreeable, you can quickly receive a new POS system for a negligible startup cost.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about POS Systems here.

Gotmerchant provides credit card processing along with point-of-sale systems. This POS service also offers services such as electronic registers, merchant accounts, wireless card readers and mobile phone credit card processing. Harbortouch provides the Gotmerchant POS systems, but Gotmerchant offers different service and support options. The low upfront costs of obtaining these systems make them attractive for small businesses that have minimal startup funds.

This merchant service offers low swipe fees starting at 0.69 percent plus $0.20 for swiped cards and an additional 0.75 percent for keyed-in cards. Rates vary, however, and you can negotiate with Harbortouch to match the rate your current merchant service provides you. Terms of the agreement may also vary. You need to speak with a Gotmerchant account representative to negotiate your actual swipe fees and terms. You cannot use this POS hardware and software with a credit card processor that you may already be contracted with, and you need to agree to at least three years with Gotmerchant, so you'll want to be sure this system fits your needs before committing to it.

Gotmerchant also charges monthly support fees for support and for the hardware warranty. It offers a cloud-based version so you can access the system from any web-enabled device. It includes hardware, software and service for $39 per month plus processing fees.

This company provides all types of merchant services, including payment processing. The POS systems come free with a payment-processing agreement and a service contract. Using Gotmerchant, you can process all types of payments using a variety of hardware devices. You can process payments using POS systems, wireless credit card machines or mobile phones. It can process gift and loyalty cards as well as the new EMV chip and PIN cards. Gotmerchant can also support you with processing EBT payments and bank checks. All its processing methods are security compliant, and Gotmerchant will match or beat your current credit card processing rate.

Gotmerchant offers everything Harbortouch does in terms of hardware and software, plus additional merchant services. It also offers more advanced card readers, such as those you'd need to read EMV chip and PIN cards. Wireless card readers are available, and iPad tableside ordering is also available, making it a good option as a restaurant POS system. Gotmerchant systems can process mobile phone payments using TabbedOut. For those who do not require a touchscreen, electronic cash registers with integrated credit card processing are available from Gotmerchant, free with a credit card processing agreement.

Harbortouch POS software provides helpful additional features for managing your business and data. The back-office portion of the POS system is web-based, so managers or business owners can run reports and watch sales whether they are in the office or not. The software performs daily remote backups. You can also configure it to use a local server or PC as a database for redundant backup. It can even manage employees with a built-in time clock.

Gotmerchant provides customer support from pre-purchase through the lifetime of your contract. When you contract with Gotmerchant, the company helps you set up your systems by migrating your retail data or menu information into your new system, and you can set up the rest of your system to manage your business however you like. Gotmerchant also provides unlimited training and on-site installation if you need it.

When your business contracts with this merchant service, you get an account manager to be your go-to person for handling your business's account, issues or upgrades. The service plan also provides overnight shipping of replacement parts and 24-hour telephone support.

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Gotmerchant offers competitive rates on its retail POS and credit card processing systems. These point-of-sale solutions require minimal upfront capital, usually just shipping and taxes. Lifetime warranties and unlimited training also make this merchant service an attractive option.

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