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How to Find a Phone Service Provider for Your Small Business: Asking the Right Questions

We've prepared this worksheet to help you keep track of the questions to ask (and the responses) when requesting personalized quotes and information from phone service companies. Fill in the informati

Best Video Conferencing Services Review

Video conferencing can improve the communication in your business in many ways. Video conferencing software allows you to see important visual cues that are lost in email and teleconferencing. It enab

Best Telepresence Solutions Review

Telepresence systems are advanced video conferencing systems that let you establish a physical presence in a remote location while giving the ability to move, speak and listen to individuals who are a

Best PBX Phones and Systems Review

A PBX phone system manages the interconnectivity of a company's internal phone lines and also connects each extension of that private network to public telephone networks. It saves costs and also make

Best VoIP Headset Review

Why Buy a VoIP Headset? The primary purpose of a VoIP headset is to provide the audio quality of headphones with the convenience of a hands-free communication device, allowing you to type or take not

Is Your Business Phone Ready for a Disaster?

In our global economy, businesses thrive or fail based on their computers and their phones. Businesses need phones for contacting clients, coordinating with employees and handling business-to-business

Do Meetings Kill Productivity?

First, the Bad News: If you are the average office worker, you are wasting months of productive work time in meetings. A study done in England in 2013 showed office workers in the private sector spent

The Right Body Language for Conference Calls

Communicating over the phone is a skill that people are gradually losing. Smartphones keep us connected to the world at all times, but it seems that the focus isn't on the calling anymore. Being able

5 Things You Need to Know About the National Do Not Call Registry

Telemarketing phone calls are becoming more common among consumers and businesses. Telemarketing is a cost-effective and simple way to reach out to potential customers or to gather information. Howeve

5 Ways Softphones Can Benefit Your Small Business

A quality phone system is a priority for any size of business. You need a simple, reliable way to communicate between clients and employees. Softphones are becoming popular phone systems for busines

How to Make an Effective On-Hold Message

We've all been there: stuck on hold listening to 80s pop music set to strings while a computerized voice breaks in to apologize and remind us that our call is important. It can get frustrating at the

VoIP Telecommuting: Home is Where the Office is

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American has a 25.4-minute commute to work. This is 50.8 minutes a day, 4 hours and 14 minutes a week, almost 17 hours a month and over eight days a ye

The Worst Personality Types in Web Conferences

It's Monday. The mid-afternoon meeting is about to start. The good news is that you don't have to sit in a cramped, muggy meeting room this time around. Instead, the meeting is being held through a we

10 Tips for a Successful Conference Call

Conference calls can be a productive and efficient way to hold a meeting, especially for individuals who would otherwise have to travel far distances to attend. However, if the call is not conducted i

What You Need to Know About Business VoIP

Before you invest in a business VoIP service, it's important to understand the security and reliability aspects of this type of technology. Additionally, you'll want to be sure that you get the VoIP p

How to Keep Employees Awake During Business Web Meetings

It's not difficult to imagine the typical Monday morning meeting. Employees settle into their comfortable chairs in a room that's entirely too warm and by the second PowerPoint slide eyes are glazing

Tips for Successfully Hosting a Web Conference

Having the ability to set up a web conference can increase your productivity while decreasing your travel costs. Because many web conference services allow you to create a meeting without a lot of pla

What is VoIP?

Whether you've been planning a conference call for your business, or chatting with your family over Skype, you've probably heard the term "VoIP" thrown around. The word VoIP is an acronym for Voice ov

Web Conference Etiquette

Having the opportunity to gather employees together from all parts of the world using a web conference call is essential in today's business world. It not only eliminates the need for additional trave

Business VoIP: Skype for Startups and XO for Enterprise

In our reviews of the best business VoIP services, we focused our research and testing on small- to medium-sized businesses. We identified several important aspects of each VoIP service for these type

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