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How to Find a Phone Service Provider for Your Small Business: Asking the Right Questions

We've prepared this worksheet to help you keep track of the questions to ask (and the responses) when requesting personalized quotes and information from phone service companies. Fill in the informati

T3 Direct Marketing

T3 Direct Marketing is a call center that helps you build relationships with existing and potential clients. It's based in California, and it works with clients in the U.S. and Canada. When you first


DialAmerica is based out of Mahwah, New Jersey. It has numerous call centers located throughout the U.S., including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Athens, Georgia, and El Paso, Texas. It offers both inbou

Best Video Conferencing Services Review

Video conferencing can improve the communication in your business in many ways. Video conferencing software allows you to see important visual cues that are lost in email and teleconferencing. It enab

Best Telepresence Solutions Review

Telepresence systems are advanced video conferencing systems that let you establish a physical presence in a remote location while giving the ability to move, speak and listen to individuals who are a

Best PBX Phones and Systems Review

A PBX phone system manages the interconnectivity of a company's internal phone lines and also connects each extension of that private network to public telephone networks. It saves costs and also make


RingCentral is a prominent name in small business phone service providers. In addition to VoIP services for businesses, RingCentral offers conference calling. The teleconference feature with RingCentr

Best VoIP Headset Review

Why Buy a VoIP Headset? The primary purpose of a VoIP headset is to provide the audio quality of headphones with the convenience of a hands-free communication device, allowing you to type or take not


Many business VoIP providers cater to large corporations with thousands of employees, charging premium rates to smaller companies that don't order bulk phone services. Enter OnSIP, a cloud phone syste


Companies that only need a handful of extensions often have to pay premium prices for business VoIP phone service. Several providers like to give discounts for large corporations that have lots of use


Dialpad is a cost-effective VoIP provider for small business that brings your customers and colleagues closer together through the power of voice, messaging and video. Since Dialpad is in the cloud,

Is Your Business Phone Ready for a Disaster?

In our global economy, businesses thrive or fail based on their computers and their phones. Businesses need phones for contacting clients, coordinating with employees and handling business-to-business

5 Reasons Your Home Office Needs a Business Phone

Working from home can be a great experience. You can set your own hours, be on hand for family, and save money on transportation, office space, and more. You may be tempted to use your personal phone


BigMarker’s web conferencing service combines usability and versatility. The online meeting software has a clean interface with basic web conferencing features and an open API that integrates wi

Brother OmniJoin

Brother OmniJoin is a telepresence solution for businesses looking for a secure place to conduct virtual meetings. This software is designed to improve collaboration between you and other users by usi

IVCI Acano

The Acano from IVCI doesn't feature its own device or avatar but instead encompasses technologies that give you the chance to share your ideas with individuals in a remote setting. It features coSpace

Polycom RealPresence

The Polycom RealPresence HDX 4000 Series is a desktop avatar that has been designed to work well even on over-used IP networks. While the avatar is not mobile, it does deliver high-quality video and v


The BeamPro lets you walk and talk with anyone, even if you aren't present at that location with a mobile avatar. This system features six echo-canceling microphones, a large LCD display and a built-i


The MantaroBot TeleMe is a mobile avatar that can connect to and use your Apple or Android tablet. While it doesn't come with its own video teleconference software, it is able to use any conferencing


The iRobot Ava 500 helps you establish a physical presence in a remote location while giving you the flexibility of meeting face-to-face with others or meeting in open areas. It gives you a view of yo

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