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The Best Business Phone Services of 2017

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The Best Business Phone Services of 2017
Business Phone Services
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Business Phone Services Review

What is Business Phone Service?

Business phone service is any service that provides landline or internet communication services to a company. Often, even contractors who work from home need a business line that differentiates their service from their personal line, so business phones are able to accommodate a single line at your home-based business or hundreds of lines at a large enterprise.

Business phone plans also provide added features, from conference calling and programmable on-hold music to highly specialized call features used in call centers like queueing and call monitoring. Three of the popular companies on the market are 8x8 Systems, Verizon Business and Windstream.

Business Phone Service: What to Look For

The first thing to consider is how much service you need. Some phone service providers offer solutions for companies of any size, while others feature specifically small-business call services, or cater to enterprises with lots of lines and features.

Small-Business Solutions
Small businesses now have many provider options when it comes to business phone service. Cloud-based small-business phone solutions can help you present your company in a professional manner with features such as auto-answer and the ability to create a menu to direct callers to the right information – for example, an automated system that can help customers make reservations, or get quick direction to your location without your ever having to pick up the phone.

Landline and Cloud-Based Solutions
Many companies are making the transition to cloud-based services when it comes to telephony. Cloud services offer greater support and can continue working even when a flood, earthquake, or construction error shuts down phone service via landlines. These cloud-based solutions can also get up and running quickly, so they’re ideal for companies that set up temporary offices, like construction companies or even disaster relief efforts.

There are also some good reasons to maintain landline service, and some companies out there still provide it.

Enterprise Business Phones
Big businesses have demanding requirements from phone companies. Look for a company that supports a big network and has a good reputation for providing business phone service. For a business, you may be purchasing much larger phone services that require infrastructure, so shop and compare companies to be certain that you’re able to get what you need. Business phone providers can also sell you phones and devices, and some companies will bundle your office and mobile lines into a single solution. This makes accommodating your mobile workforce much easier, as you can set home-based employees or remote offices up within your system for ease of management and use.

Full-Service Business Phone Solutions
If you want to completely outsource your phone services, consider managed services. In this scenario, consultants come in and develop the right business phone system for your office. They’ll oversee implementation, provide you with the right phone system and hardware, and provide ongoing management for the full term of your contract.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a decision-maker for a giant conglomerate, there’s a business phone system that’s ideal for your situation. Research carefully to get all the add-ons and features you want, and if you’re planning on growing, select a service that leaves plenty of room to grow.