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PROS / This service has nearly 100 features for businesses of any size, from the usual ones like call forwarding to advanced ones like queuing and call eavesdropping.

CONS / You need to purchase a plan for each user, and the mobile app is not free with the plan.

 VERDICT / With a fully redundant network and strong features, including advanced queuing options, Jive is the best VoIP service provider for businesses.

Jive is one of the best business VoIP services available because it comes with comprehensive reporting tools, a stable network, helpful tutorials and advanced features, like a virtual queuing system. This business VoIP is easy to use and allows you to adjust its settings for a fully customizable setup. For these reasons and more, Jive is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

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Service Plan

With Jive, you have a month-to-month contract, and the price varies by how many devices you have. The monthly price per user decreases for every five users on the same plan. The plan provides you with free in-network calls and cheap international calling. All inbound and outbound calls are unlimited.

If you have a large business, you can check Jive's Enterprise plans for greater flexibility of plans and increased connectivity between employees and customers. You can also keep your original number or select a new one.


With nearly 100 calling features, from call forwarding to hold time announcements, Jive does an excellent job of providing business VoIP that can meet the needs of a small business or a large corporation.

The service includes the ability to create custom schedules, send faxes online, have hold music, access your phone system remotely and more. If you want telephone service without a phone, you can use a computer with a microphone and earphone headset instead. You can have 11 attendees per Jive Conference Bridge, which is more than many of the other business VoIP providers offer.

Jive has Automated Call Distribution (ACD) queues, which distribute calls evenly so that every representative receives about the same amount of calls. If you want certain employees to handle the lion's share of the incoming calls, however, Jive has Hunt Group Queuing which rings certain employees first before moving on to others.

Jive is one of the few business VoIP providers we reviewed that has virtual queuing, which allows customers who call your company to select the option to have one of your company representatives call them back when it's their turn in line so that they don't have to wait on hold. Combined with a wait time announcement, it creates an extra courtesy for your customers.

Unlike some internet phone services, Jive charges extra for its mobile phone app, and if you want a toll-free number, the company charges you a fee per incoming call to that number. You cannot call out on toll-free numbers.

Administrative Features

The online account manager makes it easy to customize your system to meet your needs. You can create a plan for how the phones ring during business hours, evening hours and even on holidays. You can select who answers which calls, and how many rings the system will allow before directing the call to another person. Jive integrates with Microsoft Outlook so that you can easily access contact information for your clients.

Another convenient aspect of Jive is its reporting tools. The Call Analytics package is standard with all plans. These reports display information in easy-to-read graphs and charts. You can even see a U.S. map that shows you where most of your incoming calls originate. If you want, you can also see the raw data in a call log.


Jive has nine server locations and a fully redundant network. Multiple server locations protect against loss of service and data should one area be hit by a natural disaster, cyber-attack or equipment malfunction. This means you won't experience phone downtime because of issues on Jive's end. Jive backs up its service with a Service Level Agreement that states the amount reliability you can expect.

Help & Support

Jive has beneficial tools on its website, including video tutorials, testimonials and a knowledgebase. Most of the articles have instructions as well as video, and you can save them as PDF to print if there's something you want to refer to repeatedly. The website offers several ways to access answers to the same question, making it convenient to find the help you need. It's easy to contact Jive if you have questions. This business VoIP has 24/7 telephone and email support.


Jive's useful set of phone tools for businesses, combined with its reasonable rates, secure system and helpful support make it top business VoIP service. You'll have to purchase the mobile app if you want to use Jive outside the office, but aside from that, the service does a great job of providing everything businesses of any size need for their internet phone.

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