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Pros / Jive's hosted business VoIP phone service has several advanced features like call monitoring that you'd probably pay additionally for with other providers.

Cons / The software has an outdated design.

 Verdict / Jive is one the best business VoIP services available. It has a myriad of features, a fair price point and lots of software integration.

Jive is cloud-based small business VoIP provider that offers a handful of powerful features and a simple setup for a fair price. It helps unify your employees to each other and to their clients. The service efficiently supports both voice and video calls and integrates well with existing CRM systems. For these reasons and more, this is the winner of the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best business VoIP.

If you don't have any VoIP handsets to use, you can lease or purchase desk phone directly from Jive. Once you get them, the setup is seamless and doesn't require any complicated hardware. You just plug in and play then call people in a manner of minutes. The service allows you to work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You are able to manage the system from any computer and make calls from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Both computer software and apps are easy to use and navigate.


Call queuing is an imperative feature for small businesses, especially if you need to manage large call volumes. Jive offers multiple ring strategies. Ring all mode rings all available agents, round robin distributes calls evenly, "least recent" sends the call to the agent that least recently answered a call, and "fewest calls" directs the call to the agent who has taken the fewest calls. Jive also supports ring groups so you can evenly distribute calls within specific departments such as Accounting, Customer Support and Sales.

Jive's hosted business VoIP phone service has several advanced features you'd probably pay extra for with other providers. For example, the service has several call monitoring methods. Spy mode allows a supervisor to listen in on an existing call without interrupting them, whisper mode lets the monitor speak to the agent while being silent to the caller, and barge mode lets the supervisor take over an on-going call so all parties can hear him/her.

Jive integrates with many third-party business applications like Outlook, Salesforce and Oracle. The service supports integrated directories and custom greetings, and it has a powerful report generator. Call analytics are invaluable for businesses, and Jive definitely delivers. You not only get basic call logs, but also geography-based heat maps, time-of-day histograms and user statistics. All the information at once may seem overwhelming, but you can narrow it down and decide what information and statistics you want to filter out when building reports.

Since the service is hosted in the cloud, pretty much as long as long as you have internet access, you can use Jive anywhere using your tablet, computer or smartphone. We found that the software did have an outdated design, but it is effective and simple to use.

Call Management

Jive provides a robust suite of features that help unify your business, including video conferencing, call recording and to voicemail transcription.

The service has an auto receptionist, which routes your customers to the correct department. You can even record and upload custom prompts if you wish. The auto-attendant is highly customizable and can route the caller to destinations like a specific extension, a voicemail, a line for support. The receptionist can also inform callers on office hours, an upcoming office closure, or special promotions.

Service Plan

Jive uses the second most servers to host its network – it has 11 compared to RingCentral's 15. Rest assured, Jive's network is still incredibly reliable and has a service-level agreement to back it up.

With Jive and many other business VoIP phone providers, service is billed on a per-device basis. Jive has five pricing tiers that range from $20 to $30 per month per user. The way it works is the more users you have, the less you pay per person. Unfortunately, this means if you have an extremely small business, service costs at minimum $1,500 each year. We determined that a year of service for a business with 15 users would cost about $4,300. The average cost of the providers we ranked was $4,200. Jive's hosted VoIP service is month-to-month with no contracts.

Each phone number (local or toll-free) costs $1.75 each month, and Jive ports your existing phone numbers if you switch from a different service. Jive has unlimited domestic calling in the United States and provides its users with free in-network calling.

Help & Support

Jive's website is extremely helpful and full of tools, including video tutorials, testimonials and a FAQs page. The site has several articles and downloadable PDFs that you can print. There is a search bar on the site to look for specific questions so you can find the help you need. It's also easy to contact Jive if you need some extra support. This business VoIP provider has 24/7 telephone and email support, and you can reach representatives by live chat.


Jive's useful set of features, combined with its reasonable rates, third-party app integration and helpful support, make it one of the best business VoIP providers. The service is reliable and works well for both small and large businesses. Jive has an easy-to-use and powerful app and should definitely earns your consideration.

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