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Pros / Ooma's pricing structure is straightforward and affordable.

Cons / This service lacks administrative features like custom call queues, integration with CRM software, and access to call reports and analytics.

 Verdict / Ooma is a fine choice of VoIP service for small businesses – it's affordable, easy to set up.

Companies that only need a handful of extensions often have to pay premium prices for business VoIP phone service. Several providers like to give discounts for large corporations that have lots of users, while smaller businesses just have to foot the bill. Enter Ooma, a business VoIP provider that looks out for the little guy.

By default, Ooma only supports three extensions but still has room for expansion. Setup for this business VoIP phone service takes only 15 minutes, including the time it takes to register your phone number. The system has a base station that plugs into your router and modem. Any standard telephone works with the system, meaning you don't need to spend a fortune on a VoIP telephone, and you don't have to lease one from your provider.

Ooma includes two Linx adapters that allow you to wirelessly connect a total of three phones (one to each Linx adapter and one to the base station). You can connect up to four Linx adapters if you require more extensions. Ooma also sells expansion base stations which support up to five additional users. If you don't want to pay for extra adapters, the service supports 15 virtual extensions, which are virtual telephone lines that are accessed with a smartphone or computer.

Pricing for business VoIP phone service is oftentimes confusing, but not with Ooma. It starts at just about $20 per month ($9.99 per user and $9.99 per phone number), making it much more affordable than other providers. We found that one year of service for 15 users costs a little over $3,800. Both unlimited domestic and in-network calling are included.

The service has a virtual receptionist, just like more expensive providers, but it's lacking administrative features like custom call queues, integration with CRM software, and access to call reports and analytics. You can pay $9.99 a month extra for a virtual fax line if you wish. We also liked that Ooma lets you record a custom greeting that plays when a customer calls your business.

Ooma has the longest money back guarantee out of any provider we evaluated – a whole 60 days. Its customer support channels include email, telephone and live chat. On Ooma's website you will also find forums and a FAQs page.


Ooma is an affordable and easy-to-install VoIP solution for small businesses. Other providers are geared toward companies with lots of users, but Ooma is suited for companies with few users. The service can be used with any standard analog telephone and connects to your router and modem. If you need features like call queues and CRM integration, there are better providers out there.

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