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Pros / It offers helpful interactive tools, like polling and chat capabilities, to improve the efficiency of your conference calls.

Cons / This phone conference service does not integrate with Outlook.

 Verdict / ConferenceCalls provides decent sound quality and supports large groups – up to 50 participants. However, some of its advanced features, like roll call recording and the ability to continue a call after the host leaves are limited.

ConferenceCalls is a decent audio conferencing service that lets you host meetings no matter where you are. This program has benefits for small business owners looking to hold quality phone meetings. It offers a variety of audio and web conferencing tools to help your meetings run effectively and smoothly. It also provides a handful of features that encourages caller participation, such as polling and hand raising. However, ConferenceCalls is missing several features and tools that you find in the best teleconferencing services. For example, you can't continue a call once the host leaves, and you can't add custom features like a personalized dial-in phone number.

This provider has all the necessary conferencing features. You can place calls at any time of the day and view a list of all the participants on your call. ConferenceCalls also provides call recording and replay capabilities. Blocked entry options are available, along with presenter controls that allow individuals to pass hosting capabilities between one another.

ConferenceCalls does not offer many customization options. You cannot customize the phone number participants dial or create a customized message that welcomes participants to the conference call, nor can you continue a call if the host hangs up. You can include only 50 individuals on a reservationless call. Most of the services we reviewed accommodate 100 or more individuals.

Through this conference calling service, you have the option to share or transfer files to the participants. You can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, applications and entire desktops on all participants' computers. The host or presenter has full control of the audio, video and desktop display in each conference. However, ConferenceCalls does not integrate with Microsoft Outlook, which would make scheduling and sharing even smoother.

Although this service does not supply a virtual whiteboard, it has interactive polling and survey capabilities, virtual hand raising, chatting abilities and a post-conference report. The interactive features are easy to use and are available once you connect your audio calls to web conferencing. Everything is displayed in real time and allows participants and the presenter to communicate efficiently.

ConferenceCalls offers telephone and email support. Additionally, there are FAQs and a few online resources, such as demos and overviews of the service, on the company's website. There is no live chat or operator-assisted monitoring, however.

ConferenceCalls Compare Quotes
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  1. To test the call quality of each conference call provider, we hosted various conference calls and monitored sound quality, white noise levels, echoes and background noise among other factors.
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  2. 10  ConferenceCalls
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  4. 90.0 %
  5. 3  WebEx
    100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    85.0 %


ConferenceCalls is easy to use and has the necessities for quality phone conferences. You can schedule and manage small phone meetings with few problems. However, there are several features that ConferenceCalls does not offer, such as a virtual whiteboard, customizable greetings and integration with Outlook.

ConferenceCalls Compare Quotes

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