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InterCall Review

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PROS / The integrated mobile app includes features that enhance the conference experience for both the host and participants.

CONS / Participants cannot dial out and invite others to the call.

 VERDICT / InterCall offers a quick and easy way to schedule conference calls. It offers a mobile app, which makes it a good choice for small businesses looking to host meetings on the go.

InterCall is a teleconferencing service with strong audio conferencing capabilities. It features many outstanding conference features that make scheduling and joining phone meetings easy. It also offers file-sharing and interactive features to encourage participation among attendees.

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You can schedule or attend a meeting anytime during the day. To host a meeting, you need an account; however, your clients can download the InterCall mobile app and join your calls without needing to create an account. If you choose the monthly payment plan, you can host calls with up to 25 participants. If you select the pay-as-you-go plan, you can host meetings with a maximum of 125 attendants. These maximums are limiting if you're a larger company and regularly have lots of participants on your conference calls.

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InterCall offers a bevy of features and tools with its plans. For example, you receive a list of all participants in your call, and InterCall offers a blocked entry option, allowing only specific individuals to join and participate. This conference call service provides full recording and replay capabilities, which allow you to listen to your phone call at a later time or, if anyone misses the call, allows them to listen later and know what was discussed.

This audio conferencing service recently added several features that differentiate it rise from competing services. It updated its service to include the option of creating your own customized phone number and greeting. It is still missing social-media sharing and attendee dial out from its feature set. These features are useful for collaboration and team building. Attendee dial out can be especially useful if you need to bring someone into the call but don't want to put your hosting duties on hold to do so. You can simply ask someone in the meeting to connect with the missing person.

InterCall focuses primarily on audio capabilities, but it offers some web capabilities as well, especially when you download and use the InterCall app. In the app or using the Call Manager, this phone call provider allows participants to share documents, applications and entire desktops as well as show presentations and other materials. You can share documents and presentations in real time.

This service includes all the interactive features we look for in the best conference call services: creating polls, surveys, and quizzes is convenient and easy, and the results can be shared in real time. Survey and chat capabilities are available with this service. The mobile app is available on iPhone and Android.

This company offers telephone, email and live-chat support. There are also a few online resources, like training videos and articles, that can aid you if questions or concerns arise. Additionally, InterCall provides the option for operator-monitored calls, in which an operator listens in on your phone call to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.


InterCall is a well-designed conference calling service that connects you with your employees and clients whether you're located in the same state or in different countries. Its interactive tools allow you and your team to collaborate effectively. It is missing a few features, such as the ability to dial out to other potential attendees, and you can only host calls with a maximum of 125 participants (with the pay-as-you-go plan). That said, it falls solidly in the middle of the pack as a reliable conference call service.

InterCall Compare Quotes