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Pros / 5 Star only requires a minimum of 50 calling hours, with no long-term contract.

Cons / Its customer support is disappointing. We never received responses to our inquiries, and no online resources are available on the company's website.

 Verdict / 5 Star provides more services, such as script development and comprehensive reports, than you find with several similar telemarketing services, but poor customer support lowered its ranking in our review.

5 Star provides numerous outbound and inbound telemarketing services. As a telemarketing solution, it can help you throughout your campaign, from creating and designing scripts to providing detailed reports. With this service, you don't have to worry about long-term contracts, and the required minimum is only 50 calling hours. However, the customer support we received from 5 Star was poor.

This company can assist with a variety of outbound telemarketing solutions: upselling, cross-selling, recruiting, market research, cold calling, direct mail follow-up and even fundraising are a few of the services it provides.

5 Star's inbound services are just as extensive, including taking orders, providing customer service, troubleshooting products and making reservations. Further, it offers bilingual options.

If your business has never used a telemarketing service before, 5 Star assists with script design and makes sure your campaign is well-organized prior to its launch. Further, if you encounter any issues or challenges during your campaign, 5 Star will work with you to adjust your campaign as needed. While 5 Star doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, you must commit to at least 50 calling hours.

Several reporting capabilities are also included from 5 Star. You can peruse daily reports and digital recordings of calls. There are also numerous types of reports you can access to monitor the progress of your telemarketing campaign.

The biggest drawback to 5 Star, however, is its customer support. We were disappointed in the support we received from this company. Email and telephone are the only options available for reaching representatives. We sent several email inquiries to the company but never received any response. We could not find any online resources on the company website either, such as FAQs, videos, articles, a blog or whitepapers.


5 Star is a telemarketing solution that provides an impressive selection of outbound and inbound calling services. This company only requires a minimum of 50 calling hours, and it assists with your entire campaign process. The customer support we received from this company was disappointing, but the services and features 5 Star provides make it a strong competitor in the telemarketing field.

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