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Pros / DialAmerica focuses on training its agents to handle calls for specific industries, like health care.

Cons / 24/7 service is not available.

 Verdict / This inbound and outbound call center focuses on addressing the needs of specific industries. If you need special attention for your telemarketing campaign, DialAmerica is worth considering.

DialAmerica is based out of Mahwah, New Jersey. It has numerous call centers located throughout the U.S., including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Athens, Georgia, and El Paso, Texas. It offers both inbound and outbound telemarketing services.

Its outbound services include business-to-business sales and marketing, lead generation and market research. DialAmerica offers specialty services for specific industries and specifically recruits people for these roles. For example, since DialAmerica frequently works with health care organizations, it recruits employees with past health care experience. Furthermore, it offers extensive training to its agents.

DialAmerica's inbound services include customer service and IT solutions. Like with its outbound campaigns, DialAmerica selects which agents will work on your customer service team. Outsourcing your customer service to a trusted partner can save your in-house employees time in addition to saving your business money.

Customer service agents are trained to handle member services, loyalty programs and general customer service questions. This is important, because from your customer's perspective, DialAmerica is an ambassador for your company. Agents must keep logs of conversations, which helps you understand the types of questions consumers are asking, and it helps you monitor the quality of service provided to your customers by DialAmerica.

All of DialAmerica’s call centers are located in the U.S., but it does not offer 24/7 service. It offers bilingual services, so you can offer your non-English-speaking customers service and support. One nice additional service it provides is script writing. It will help you develop a script for your telemarketing campaign.

You can contact DialAmerica by phone or email. However, when we reached out to the company via email with our questions, we never received an answer. It doesn't offer live chat on its website, but the company regularly updates its social media accounts. You'll also find a blog and white papers on the company's web site, something that was rare among the telemarketers on our list.

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DialAmerica is a good telemarketing company that offers both inbound and outbound services. Though its customer service fell short (it did not respond to our requests for information), this service offers special training for industries like health care. If you need a good inbound and outbound service, DialAmerica is worth taking a closer look at.

DialAmerica Compare Quotes

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