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DRS Acquisitions Compare Quotes

Pros / This company only requires a minimum of 50 calling hours per project.

Cons / It has limited hours of operation and does not offer multilingual services.

 Verdict / DRS Acquisitions is an excellent telemarketing service for smaller, outbound telemarketing campaigns. However, it lacks a few features (24/7 availability, multingual services) that other telemarketing firms on our list provide.

DRS Acquisitions is an outbound call center and telemarketing solution located in Minnesota. This telemarketing company is a much smaller solution than similar companies on our lineup, but it still provides extensive outbound telemarketing services. This company does not require you to sign a long-term contract, and it can assist you with several aspects to help you launch a successful campaign. It also provides outstanding customer support.

DRS Acquisitions is strictly an outbound telemarketing service; it does not offer inbound call center options. It can conduct a variety of telemarketing campaigns that include lead generation, appointment-setting and market research among other aims. This telemarketing service can also work with you to ensure you have a current and updated customer contact list that will be of the most use to you and your campaign.

This telemarketing company will work closely with you throughout the campaign process. Experts can help you create a script your callers will be receptive to. It also trains its agents on your script before working on your campaign. However, this call center is not open 24/7, and it does not provide multilingual services.

One nice thing about DRS Acquisitions service is that you're not locked into a long-term contract. It does require a minimum of 50 calling hours per project, but this is among the lowest minimum call hours requirement from a telemarketing company.

DRS Acquisitions offers several options for receiving progress reports on your campaign, including daily reports and digital recordings so you can listen firsthand to ensure its reps are doing a satisfactory job.

You can reach DRS Acquisitions by email and phone. When we reached out to the company with our questions, representatives returned our emails promptly and made sure we had all the information we needed. Also, the representatives we worked with were friendly and knowledgeable.


DRS Acquisitions has many benefits if you want to outsource your outbound telemarketing. It provides several outbound telemarketing services and outstanding customer support. We're disappointed it doesn't offer multilingual services and that its hours of operation are limited. However, DRS Acquisitions is worth considering if you are strictly looking for outbound telemarketing assistance.

DRS Acquisitions Compare Quotes