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Sound Telecom Compare Quotes

Pros / Sound Telecom is open 24/7 and offers Spanish and English bilingual agents.

Cons / You will need to write your own sales script.

 Verdict / Sound Telecom is one of the best options for a telemarketing service if you need bilingual agents and inbound call services available 24/7.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Sound Telecom is a telemarketing solution that provides extensive services. It offers outbound telemarketing options as well as inbound call services, answering services, bilingual answering services, live chat and much more. This company is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so your customers and clients are never left without assistance. Its top-level customer service, including the availability of bilingual representatives, pushes Sound Telecom near the top of our top 10 list and just outside of the top three. Sound Telecom has a lot to offer, which is why this company receives our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.




This telemarketing company's outbound calling services can assist you with all types of calls. Whether you are trying to gather customer feedback, increase sales, register participants for events/seminars or set appointments, Sound Telecom can assist you. It offers business-to-business services and lead generation to help you follow up with potential customers and convert leads into sales. It also offers appointment-setting and registration services.

Campaign Success Features

Furthermore, inbound calling options are available. With these services, it can assist your business with customer care, technical support, third-party verification, live agent support and any other customized programs you may need.

One advantage to using this call center company is its bilingual call center services. It has reps fluent in both Spanish and English. Agents are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is a large benefit, especially if you are running a technical support or customer support program. It also has professional trainers that work with agents to ensure the use best practices with its customer service.

Contracts & Reporting

One drawback, however, with Sound Telecom is that it does not oversee the script-writing process or help you run A/B tests. Its representatives can assist you in developing your script, but they prefer that the client create it. If you need assistance, they can provide help or refer you to professional script writers.

Sound Telecom works with call centers located in major cities all over the U.S., including Seattle, New York and Chicago. It does not outsource its services to other countries.

Help & Support

Sound Telecom does not require any type of long-term contract. However, it requires a minimum of 100 calling hours per campaign. This means you must commit to 100 hours for your inbound or outbound campaign, so make sure you know how much time you need to dedicate to your project before contracting with this service.

Sound Telecom provides email, telephone and social media support for reaching a representative if any questions or concerns arise. The company is active on social media, so if you post to Facebook or Twitter, an agent will be in touch with you shortly. Additional online resources, such as FAQs, videos, blogs and whitepapers, are also available on the company's website.


Sound Telecom provides numerous services to assist you with your telemarketing campaign. This telemarketing solution is open 24/7 and offers Spanish and English language services. It does not require any type of long-term contract. Although Sound Telecom doesn't provide script-writing assistance, overall, it provides the services and resources to help you launch a successful telemarketing campaign.

Sound Telecom Compare Quotes