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Pros / Its customer service is outstanding. Representatives we spoke with were knowledgeable and friendly.

Cons / This telemarketing company doesn't have agents available 24/7.

 Verdict / TeleContact Resource Services provides numerous inbound and outbound services, but it has a few drawbacks, including that its call center is not open 24/7.

TeleContact Resource Services provides nearly every feature we sought out in a telemarketing solution. It offers inbound and outbound telemarketing services as well as multilingual call agents. The company can assist you with all aspects of running your entire telemarketing project, from finding telemarketing lists and writing scripts to providing detailed reports.

It also provides outstanding customer support. Representatives were more than willing to assist us and quickly responded to our inquiries. For these reasons and more, TeleContact Resource Service is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award Winner.

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Inbound and outbound calling services are available from TeleContact. If you are interested in outbound telemarketing, it can assist with a variety of call types, such as conducting surveys, setting appointments and following up on appointments or meetings.

This telemarketing company also provides list development services to help you find the perfect specialized telemarketing list to target potential customers. When you partner with this telemarketing service, it assigns an account manager to your campaign. This means that you have the same point of contact who understands the ins and outs of your campaign. Your dedicated manager will help you target your market and update you on your campaign's progress.

If you're looking to hire a telemarketing service to answer inbound calls, TeleContact's services include customer care, order tracking, upselling and cross-selling, and technical support. Inbound telemarketing services can help your company and save your in-house employees time. The professionals at TeleContact Services are trained in professional customer care. Its call centers are based in the United States, so you will not have to worry about a potential language barrier if the majority of your clients primarily speak English. Furthermore, it offers multilingual services, which can help you reach a broader audience.

Campaign Success Features

If you've never hired a telemarketing solution before, TeleContact assists you with your campaign each step of the way. It will help develop and write your campaign script (or even a few versions of your script) and then train its agents on the talking points prior to your campaign's launch. It can also run tests to pinpoint which script and strategy is the most effective. This attention to detail ensures that you are not wasting time or money on an unsuccessful telemarketing strategy.

However, this company is limited in its hours of operation. Agents are not available 24/7 to make or answer calls, unlike some similar telemarketing companies. TeleContact is based out of Riverbank, California, and does not outsource its calling services.

Contracts & Reporting

TeleContact does not require any long-term contract. Agreements with this company are made on a month-to-month basis. This service also does not require a minimum number of calling hours for each project. This gives you the flexibility to manage your campaign without the constraints of a contract. Instead of forcing your campaign, and budget, to stretch in order to meet certain requirements, you can end service with TeleContact the same month your telemarketing campaign ends.

This call center service will consult with you directly to find the plan and pricing that best meets your company's needs. TeleContact does not have a flat pricing structure. Pricing is based on your campaign as well as your goals and objectives. Instead of a flat rate, TeleContact works with you to create custom pricing based on your needs.

Help & Support

We were greatly impressed with the customer support we received from TeleContact. Email, telephone and live chat support are all available options for reaching representatives from this company. We received responses to our inquiries via live chat and email quickly, and the representatives we interacted with were knowledgeable, friendly and more than willing to answer our questions.

If you have general questions about the company, you can submit an email using an online contact form, which is listed on several pages of the company's website. Prompt, courteous and professional customer service from your telemarketing company is a good indication of how your customers can expect to be treated, and TeleContact met and exceeded our expectations in all of these areas.

Further, you'll find a FAQs section on the company's website. The FAQs cover basic information about the company, where it is located, its pricing structure and how it can help you set up your telemarketing campaign.

There are no online resources, such as articles, videos, data sheets, and whitepapers, on its website that provide additional information regarding telemarketing and its benefits.


TeleContact Resource Services has many benefits if you are looking for an inbound or outbound telemarketing company. It assists you through the many steps of establishing and carrying out a successful telemarketing campaign, and its customer support is excellent. However, we would like to see more online resources on its website and 24/7 availability. Still, TeleContact Resource Services has the capabilities and tools to help you launch a successful telemarketing campaign.

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