Let's Find The Right Outbound Telemarketing Service For You

Pros / It has over 38 U.S.-based call centers.

Cons / For an inbound calling campaign, it requires a minimum of 1,200 calling hours per week. Also, its contracts have a fixed term of two years.

 Verdict / West is a telemarketing service well-suited for large-scale, time-consuming telemarketing campaigns.

West is a telemarketing service designed to handle large and complex telemarketing campaigns. This company has more than 24,000 service professionals and 38 call centers. It does have a longer minimum contract period compared to other telemarketing services on our list. However, if you have a long-term project, such as inbound customer service assistance, this minimum may not be an issue for your business. Working with this larger telemarketing corporation has many benefits: West offers extensive inbound and outbound calling services, multiple language support and 24/7 business hours.

This telemarketing solution can provide inbound and outbound calling services. Its inbound telemarketing services can assist with a variety of call types, including customer service, technical support and upsell/cross-sell. However, if you use this company's inbound calling services, it requires a minimum of 1,200 calling hours per week, which is higher than the minimums other services on our lineup have (at least, of those that have a required minimum number of calling hours).

West's outbound telemarketing services vary, depending on your specific needs. Calls can be placed to verify information, generate leads, register products, conduct surveys and more. West doesn't have a mandated minimum number of hours that are required for outbound call campaigns. However, its contracts have a fixed term of two years. As such, you'll want to make sure to understand the needs of your campaign before committing; otherwise, you could pay a penalty if you have to break the contract.

West has the capabilities and resources to help you craft your campaign. It can help you write the script for your telemarketing campaign. It also trains its agents on your product, service and script.

Multilingual reps are available, which we are pleased to see, especially for such a large telemarketing company. Additionally, this telemarketing solution will work with you to find the best time to conduct your telemarketing campaign, and it is open 24/7.

Email and telephone are the only options available for reaching representatives from West. There is no live chat support. However, you can find resources like white papers, case studies and data sheets to help you learn more about the company and the services it offers. There are also videos on the company's website that allow you to see more details about West and what services it offers.


West is a large telemarketing company that has many benefits, including multiple language options, a variety of inbound and outbound call services and availability 24/7. Although we would prefer it if the minimum number of calling hours was lower for its inbound calling services, if you are looking for a company to handle a large and extensive telemarketing campaign, West may be the perfect solution for you.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Business-to-Business Calls
Lead Generation
Market Research
Appointment Setting
Seminar & Event Registration
Contact Verification
Customer Service
Technical Support

Campaign Success Features

Domestic Location
Design Scripts
Run Tests
Open 24/7
Digital Recordings
Multiple Languages

Contracts & Reporting

Minimum Contract Length
Two Years
Minimum Campaign Hours
Daily Reports
Call Completions Report
Wrong-Number Percentage Report
Number of Refusals Report

Help & Support

Live Chat