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The Best Video Conferencing Services of 2016

Improve Your Communication

The Best Video Conferencing Services of 2016

Our Ranking Video Conferencing Services
1 Adobe Connect
2 Brother OmniJoin
3 Cisco WebEx
4 Citrix GoTo Meeting
5 Fuze
6 ooVoo
7 ReadyTalk
8 Skype
9 Vyew
10 Zoom

Why Use Video Conferencing Services?

Video conferencing can improve the communication in your business in many ways. Video conferencing software allows you to see important visual cues that are lost in email and teleconferencing. It enables you to speak face-to-face with your group whether or not they’re at your location, or in the office at all. Your business can save money by reducing travel expenses and unite your workforce in a way that’s difficult to do by phone or email. Many video conferencing services allow you to share applications and work collaboratively on projects. Three of the top services are Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect.

Video Conferencing Services: What to Look For

Video conferencing solutions vary in price depending on the type of services you need. If you only need to gather a handful of people, a basic and inexpensive service will likely suffice. The key is to closely match the service's offerings to your needs. Some features to consider when choosing a conferencing service are the number of attendees and hosts, the variety of devices that you can work from, whether the service integrates with other applications and if the service features HD video and voice.

Number of Participants
A subscription to a video conferencing system can include multiple hosts handling multiple meetings simultaneously. The service you select may depend largely on the number of people you would include in your meetings. Many of these services include the ability to invite outsiders, like a client, by providing a URL and holding the meeting in a cloud-based video conference. Some of the services require each user to have a web-based account or download the software or application on their device or computer.

One of the best features of video conferencing is that it removes the requirement that everyone be in the same office at once. Most of these services include mobile apps that allow any user to participate with just a smart phone or tablet. Some services allow you to schedule, host and attend meetings right from your phone.

Application Integration
One of the less-known benefits to video conferencing services is the ability to combine other applications into your meetings. Many offer the ability to share screens with the rest of the users. Others limit your sharing to individual applications. You can also schedule video conferences with clients or team members using your existing calendar and email applications, such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

User Experience
Some of the benefits of face-to-face meeting can be diluted by poor connectivity and low definition. Also, if you’re working with a client over video conferencing, it may be challenging to make a good impression if the picture and audio are bad. Consider services that offer HD sound and video. Also note that some services allow you to record the meeting for future reference.

There is a wide range of video conferencing services available, so you'll be able to find the one that best suits your needs. Even the services with fewer features offer you the ability to see your clients and employees face-to-face, taking the guesswork out of your communication. Video conferencing can be tailored to your needs and customized to the needs of your business.