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ClickMeeting 25 Review

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PROS / This software incorporates Google Translate to enable you to hold international meetings, even if you aren't fluent in the language.

CONS / It does not offer breakout rooms.

 VERDICT / ClickMeeting's rebranding options and translation make it worth considering if you need to meet with clients abroad or international employees within your company.

ClickMeeting provides a highly customizable web conferencing service that is full of features to create a well-branded and smooth-running online meeting. It lacks breakout rooms, so it's best suited for businesses that need a single room for meetings that require interaction within a small group. Its unique translation feature makes it especially useful for businesses with international interests.

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Few web conferencing services offer customization to the level that ClickMeeting does. You can change the color, layout and logo to make a meeting space that best fits your company and the purpose of your meeting. You can choose from predesigned layouts or make your own and save it to your account.

Another way ClickMeeting stands apart from the online conferencing services we reviewed is its tie-in to Google Translate. With this feature, you can provide transcripts in 52 languages. In fact, some of the training videos for this service are in other languages themselves.

The meeting tools are smooth and comprehensive. Your participants can use annotation tools to mark up a white board or screen, participate in public and private chats, use webcams, and leave and return to the meeting. You can share specific applications on your desktop as well.

This service falls short of other web conferencing software in that it does not take screenshots with the software. Our top-rated webinar software features a screenshot tool that captures an image of the presentation. In addition, it lacks breakout rooms, which could be vital if you have a large meeting and need to break into focus groups for specific tasks. However, you can remedy this by creating multiple meeting rooms scheduled for the same time and invite the audience to all of them.

ClickMeeting uses a VoIP system to transmit audio in conferences, so users can join in with a microphone connected to their computer or they can call in with a telephone. You can offer a toll-free option to your attendees for a small fee. ClickMeeting itself can work with up to 25 participants. You can purchase higher-tiered plans if you are expecting a higher number of participants.

ClickMeeting provides security via 128-bit AES encryption. Other nice security features include registration with the option of denying attendance, password-protected meetings and token meetings. For a token meeting, ClickMeeting assigns each invitee a unique, one-time-use code to enter the meeting. This token cannot be shared or reused. You can customize whether you want to require a password for a meeting or if you want to improve your web conferencing’s usability and not require any codes for entry when you create the webinar.


While ClickMeeting has some room to grow, particularly with the inclusion of breakout rooms, it's still a flexible and useful web conferencing service. The branding and translation abilities make it useful for businesses interested in presenting a professional front on the international market.

ClickMeeting 25 Compare Quotes