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Pros / Features like multi-national toll-free numbers make this service a good option for international participants.

Cons / It requires access codes and PINs.

 Verdict / GoToMeeting has strong international features and several audio options that make it useful for businesses with clients or satellite offices in other countries. However, its interface isn't as smooth as many of the services we reviewed.

Between the translation capabilities and the multi-national toll-free calling option, Citrix's web conferencing service is optimized for international companies. You can change the control settings to other languages, and its website ties into Google Translate. Even more, if you have a toll-free option in your plan, you can select toll-free numbers for specific countries when you set up the web conference. That way, participants in other nations can call in free of charge. It has data centers worldwide to ensure high-quality communication no matter where you are calling in from.

The interface is different from the other web conferencing software we reviewed. Rather than taking you directly to a meeting in your browser, the meetings open up as a new window on your screen with the controls separate from the window. Participants need the meeting ID code to enter, and if they enter by phone, they need an audio PIN. Most other webinar applications don't require an ID code or PIN. While this improves the platform’s security, it adversely affects the usability of the program.

With this online meeting service, you can hold meetings using traditional toll or toll-free networks, call-in and call-out services, and VoIP. However, if calling by phone, it's important for participants to put in their audio PIN. If they do not and their line causes disruptive noise, the only way to stop it is to mute everyone.

Highlighting tools work for the whiteboard or for marking up what's on the screen. Changing the presenter takes the click of a button on the control panel. You can also hand over your mouse and keyboard controls. These features make meetings involving multiple presentations easier to accommodate, reducing the meeting planning time and allowing hosts and attendees alike to improvise when necessary.

GoToMeeting does not integrate directly with social media. The service uses an API that gives you access to social media tools. It also does not feature breakout rooms, which is a very useful feature when you want the audience to gather in smaller groups for collaboration.

If you record meetings, you can determine where they are stored after the meeting. You can choose how to record – audio or visual – as well as whether to use GoToMeeting's recording capability or your own service.

GoToMeeting uses standard 128-bit encryption to protect your meetings while in progress. Recorded demonstrations and whiteboard reference materials remain safely housed within the same secure server.

With a strong technical support section, including training videos, live training, PDF guides, and live chat, you can find help learning and using the platform. If you need additional help or real-time support, you can reach tech support by phone at any time and by chat during business hours. GoToMeeting can provide operator-assisted online meetings for an additional fee.

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GoToMeeting offers a straightforward web conferencing service. While the tool set and interface aren't as good as the higher-ranked services, its extensive international features and audio and visual options make it worth considering, especially for businesses with customers or employees in multiple nations.

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