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MegaMeeting Review

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PROS / MegaMeeting is simple for participants to join.

CONS / Applications cannot be shared from a Windows computer to a Mac.

 VERDICT / MegaMeeting has a strong feature set, and its security is top notch.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Web Conferencing here.


If you are familiar with web conferencing, you know that getting a meeting started is half the battle. MegaMeeting uses a browser-based system that is incredibly easy to join. Sending invites is painless. You need only send an email invite with the meeting link or have all participants log in to MegaMeeting's site and input the name of the meeting. The host is the only person who will need to download an application to set up screen sharing. Participants don't need to download anything. This definitely expedites the set up of time-critical web meetings.

This online conferencing service's strong security features allow for more user authentication when logging into a meeting. The host cannot only mute a participant if necessary, but can also kick anyone out of a meeting. The host may also lock the virtual meeting for privacy and security purposes.

While this online conference tool runs on a number of platforms, MegaMeeting is best suited for a Windows operating system. This service can screen share with any computer, but doesn't yet have the ability to share and open applications with Mac computers. We are also disappointed with the confusing pricing structure. The site isn't entirely clear about whether you can only purchase a license or if you can also pre-pay for each attendee.

MegaMeeting's greatest strength rests in its audio and video features. Participants can use a variety of telephony modes and video technologies to join their online meetings, all without having to download a program, install an application or reconfigure their browsers and platforms. Since MegaMeeting is entirely browser based, recording meetings requires additional plugins, many of which have limited proficiency.

One standout feature of MegaMeeting's professional suite is its complimentary integrated toll conference calling. This greatly simplifying the oftentimes confusing and time-consuming task of going through affiliate companies to set up traditional telephone conferences.

Hosts can use this service to conduct integrated multi-point video conferences and whiteboard sessions with up to 250 participants at once. Other options include screen sharing, application sharing, PowerPoint compatibility and flexible audio, video and chat tools for real-time collaboration.

Although browser-based web conferencing programs are more convenient and easy to use than downloadable alternatives, they are by no means safe from outside threats. Fortunately, MegaMeeting's program is based upon Adobe's Flash technology, which operates at the full 128-bit AES encryption and doesn't collect information from users' computers, such as personal or financial data that might reside there.

In addition, Adobe Flash provides stronger protection against potential malware and malicious code by taking a sandbox approach, which uses your computer's existing security tools to secure the Flash-based application.

MegaMeeting web conferencing offers around-the-clock technical support for its Professional licensees, supplementing direct technical assistance with an online product manual, an intra MegaWiki site that delivers more precise results than traditional FAQs pages and knowledgebases, and a contact portal that includes both telephone and email contact information.


MegaMeeting makes a strong argument for itself with its easy-to-use, customizable tools and features, ranging from fully integrated multi-point video display and fully duplexed telephony to the interface skin itself, which can be customized to include your company's logo. With tight security and fair help and support resources, MegaMeeting's appeal sinks only in its billing options and pricing model, which requires the purchase of virtual seats for all hosts and attendees.