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If your HR team is burdened with piles of paperwork or overwhelmed with the tasks of finding new employees, then outsourced human resource management might be a good choice for your company. Whether y


Of all the medical practice management software available, drchrono's is, hands down, the easiest to use as soon as you log in. Not only are the calendars, appointment reminders, and other scheduling


SOAPware, a maker of medical records software (better known as EHR or EMR), also makes medical practice management (PM) software that offers the basics for scheduling, billing and coding. The medical

Best PACS Software Review

To store music and pictures electronically, casual computer users are often happy to trade sound and image quality for storage convenience, but when it comes to radiology and X-ray images, there&rsquo

OneDrive for Business

If your business is already using Microsoft Office suite, then Microsoft OneDrive can provide business online backup services in real time as you are using the programs. You can purchase one of two pl

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a full-service cloud services system that offers backup services. While not meant for small businesses with simple needs, it's a great solution for larger small businesses with IT p

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image Backup for Business offers several online backup and data recovery services. This online backup for business solutions allows for backing up individual folders or entire systems for

Best Restoration Damage and Cleanup Services Review

If a disaster has damaged your home, the immediate intervention of a deep cleaning service is needed. Whether your home suffered damage from internal flooding from a damaged pipe or external sources l

Best Facial Analyzer Review

Facial analyzers are efficient security tools that focus on a person's individual facial features. They are used in workplaces, offering a hygienic way to gain entry to secure locations. They offer se

Best Online IT Training Services Review

Why Enroll in Online IT Training? Online IT training programs have been popular for quite some time, and for good reason. Professionals need classes that can work with their busy schedules. If you ar

Best DIY Business Plans Review

When starting your own business, you must consider a variety of factors, including legal structure, financing, marketing, resource needs and product lines. Keeping everything in your head – or o

Best Desktop as a Service Review

DAAS or Desktop as a Service allows you to cut costs on purchasing and setting up hardware because DAAS works with virtual desktop interfaces, which are priced lower than standard PCs. Virtual desktop

Are You Ready for a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are a cost-effective solution for busy businesspeople who need part-time help handling office administrivia, or who want particular tasks taken off their plate so they can concentra

Hidden Costs of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have grown in popularity, and why not? They allow qualified executive assistants to work from home, with all the flexibility that type of arrangement provides, while businesspeople

Tasks EveryDay

Tasks EveryDay is the cheapest virtual assistant company we included in our buying guide, but lower price does not mean lower quality. This company has video testimonials online from satisfied custome

Red Butler

Red Butler is a virtual assistant company that works 12 hours a day in U.S. time zones. It offers virtual administrative assistants who can do basic executive assistant tasks and are experienced. Many


When my uncle owned a small manufacturing business in the 80s, he sometimes needed part-time help for packing shipments, cleaning the manufacturing floor or other manual labor tasks. He'd go to a spec

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for an Answering Service?

Professional answering services are a useful tool to help you answer incoming phone calls. But beyond greeting callers and relaying a message, today's answering services can help you process orders, s

What to Expect from an Answering Service Job

Working for an answering service can be a smart, easy way to make money. Many people prefer answering services to call centers because most answering service companies handle inbound calls as opposed

Choosing a Medical Answering Service: The Five Most Important Requirements

If you need help taking messages for doctors, answering frequently asked questions about your practice, dispatching important calls to physicians or scheduling appointments, a medical answering servic

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