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Business Intelligence Services Review

Why Use a Business Intelligence Software?

Running a successful business requires more than just managing day-to-day duties and tasks. It involves making key business decisions that require extensive data and knowledge. However, gathering, deciphering and using that data correctly can be a challenge in itself. Business intelligence software will help you gather, predict, analyze and read information that can help you make critical decisions for your company and create strategies for future success. These solutions can also help you detect fraud or other threats that could put your business in danger, which is particularly critical before you make a large investment, merger or business acquisition.

Many poor decisions in a company are made because leaders do not have the right information or understand the data they do have. Business intelligence companies use a variety of tools to gather and interpret the data. Analytical reports, specialized software, monitoring tools, data mining and benchmarks are just a few popular tools that many of these companies use. A specialized platform is available from many of the best products. This is a one-stop area for all of your data. Within this system, you can enter your data, read it in a visual way such as charts or graphs, and secure it from unauthorized individuals. For most companies, you can also access this data on a mobile device, placing it right at your hands when working at out-of-office meetings or traveling.

Experts from these companies can work with you and help you choose the best course of action for your company. They can help you make correct decisions and improvements regarding finances, employee performance, customer relations and even compliance with government regulations. On this site, you will find articles about business intelligence solutions. Also, take a look at our top three services: Information Builders, Tableau and SAP.

Business Intelligence Software: What to Look For

When looking for the best business intelligence solution, you want a company that will work directly with you to ensure your company’s specific needs are met. Many solutions will mold their software around the specific areas you need to improve. Additionally, look for a business intelligence service that offers several tools for gathering, understanding and presenting information in a user-friendly way.

Here are the criteria we used to evaluate these services.

Operating Decisions
Many key decisions need to be made in any business, and the best business intelligence companies will help you determine the best courses of action. Look for companies that provide assistance with financial matters, as well as regulatory compliance and performance management. If you plan on any large investments or acquisitions in the near future, check whether the company offers threat and fraud detection services to ensure you aren’t taking any fatal risks to your company.

Analytics & Data Integration
The tools used to gather and present your company’s information is important. Most business intelligence software uses analytics as the key to improving your business. Look for companies that offer analytical tools such as benchmarks, data mining, full reports and visual analysis options. Data mining is turning analog data into digital data. It is used when trying to understand large and extensive amounts of information.

Data integration is also important when working with a business intelligence service. When running a company, there is much data to sort through to make the best decisions for your company. Look for solutions that offer platforms for easily integrating data and blending past and current data together. Also, integration into third-party applications will make some tasks much easier.

Platform Functions
When looking for the best business intelligence software, look for companies that offer an open platform. This allows you to customize software and make it more applicable to you and your company. User permissions are also important, as you'll want to ensure no data falls into unauthorized hands. Additionally, look for companies that provide mobile access to all of your data, which allows you to access your company’s most important information while away from your desk and in important executive meetings.

Help & Support
Email, telephone and live chat support are all popular options for interacting directly with representatives. However, also consider the company’s online resources to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Many companies provide resources such as white papers, a FAQs section, videos and a company blog.

Making large decisions in your business doesn’t have to be a stressful burden. With the right information and experts available, you have the resources to make the decisions that will be best for your present and future company.