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Business Online Backup Services Reviews

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Business Online Backup Services Review

Why Buy Business Online Backup Services?

The information you rely on to run your daily operations – from tax and payroll figures to client and vendor files – is essential to your ability to keep your business in operation. If you were to experience a sudden loss of all that information today, how would you recover? More important, do you have a safety net that can quickly and reliably restore your lost data?

Business online backup services exist to provide that safety net. But not all of the services are made equal, and not all offer the same level of service at comparable prices. Some claim to offer unlimited storage capacity but do so only for individual personal plans. Others monitor your bandwidth use and require you to upgrade to more costly business plans with definitive storage limits if they determine you are using your account for business purposes.

Amid this confusion, is it any wonder so many businesses still have not chosen a cloud-based backup system? If this describes you, read on. We performed extensive research and have identified OpenDrive for Business, CrashPlan Pro and Backblaze for Business as the top three best business online backup services available. For more information, read our other articles about cloud-based business backup services

Online Business Backup Services: What to Look For

If you operate a company, online business data backup should be among your fundamental concerns, regardless of the company size or the amount of information you house on your computers. The following are the most important things to look for when comparing business backup services.

Storage Capacity
Not everyone needs limitless cloud storage space, but not having to worry about running up against the limits of your account has its benefits. Bear in mind that some business cloud storage providers imply endless storage space but in fact require you to pay significantly higher rates or even add additional licenses to your account before they will grant you more storage. Additionally, some business online backup service providers do not offer unlimited storage but do provide other features you may find more valuable.

Backup Features
A service's list of backup features is an essential component for determining if a particular backup provider is a good match for your needs. Look for backup services that let you choose when data backups occur. If you have more than one computer in your business network, look for sharing features and the ability to connect more than one computer without having to purchase additional licenses. Find out how long after deleting a file you can still recover it, and always look for a service that gives you the option of reverting to older versions of updated files.

Remote Access
If you ever use your smartphone or tablet for business purposes, having remote access to your cloud-stored data is crucial. Although all of the services listed in our top ten roundup offer mobile phone support, not all are capable of delivering a comprehensive mobile experience – including, for example, the ability to stream files or perform a file sync to a mobile phone. Also, although the ability to access your data remotely is of paramount importance, look for a service that lets you make changes to documents and upload new files from a mobile device as well.

Having the ability to back up your business data is one thing. Keeping that data secure is quite another – and it is a crucial feature of a good online backup service. We strongly encourage you to choose a backup services company that can provide you with high quality security. Data should be encrypted prior to leaving your computer and should be safeguarded against attack once it's reached the point of destination. The best small business backup solutions also house your data in two separate locations for added security.

Help & Support
Data backup services can be complex and sometimes require you to ask questions. Look closely at the level of help and support that a business backup company will provide for you. If you operate your business 24 hours a day, look for services that offer 24/7 support so that you can minimize your downtime. Also pay attention to how thorough a service’s online knowledgebase is and look for the availability of FAQs that can help you troubleshoot if immediate assistance isn't available.

Business backup services don't have to be like the insurance policy you never hope to exercise. In addition to safeguarding your critical business data, many also provide you with useful administration tools that can help you manage workflow and make daily operations run more smoothly. Be sure to look at all of the features a service offers before making your final decision.