Acronis Backup for Business offers several online backup and data recovery services. This online backup for business solutions allows for backing up individual folders or entire systems for quick recovery of files or bare-metal recovery of entire systems. It monitors your computers for issues and sets alerts. With over 500,000 clients using its service, it's a good choice if you are a small business needing a comprehensive backup or storage solution.

This online backup for business has two plans. The basic plan is designed for small businesses, while the advanced solution is devised for medium-businesses with more complex backup needs. In addition, it offers disaster recovery services, Acronis Access file sharing, snapshot technology for deploying a new system, monitoring services and more.

Acronis works with most administrative systems, including Microsoft, Linux, Mac, and VMware. It can back up mobile devices with Android or iOS. It offers multiple storage solutions from Acronis Cloud to hard disks and tapes. The advanced plan had deduplication features to remove duplicated data in order to conserve space.

This system allows you to create virtual machines. It works fast and is able to reclaim an entire system in minutes, even to different hardware.

This online business backup solution not only lets you back up to the cloud but also manages backups to physical devices. The administrative interface lets you select the computers on your plan in order to back up specific files or the entire device, do a recovery or conduct a virtual machine replication. The interface also alerts you to systems that have issues and need administrative attention. The advanced plan offers monitoring and reporting features as well.

Storage is encrypted to 256-bit AES, which is bank-level security. You can send data to multiple destinations, so you can back up a machine to a cloud while simultaneously saving files to a hard drive on location.

The support section has documentation but no videos. The instructions are clear but not illustrated. It's searchable and has materials in multiple languages. You can also contact the user forums or customer support if you have problems.

Acronis Backup provides fast and secure online backup and quick recovery for multiple programming systems. It works with cloud backup and physical backup devices.

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