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Pros / The service supports over 200 languages, so nearly all of your customer base can receive help from its agents.

Cons / It offers few outbound calling services.

 Verdict / CMS Call Center is best for inbound calling services, with some notable omissions in its outbound services. Its extensive language support makes it especially useful if you have a multinational customer base.

When it comes to inbound calling services, CMS (Continental Message Solution) Call Center has quite a bit to offer, though not as much in the way of outbound services. The company's inbound services can assist tiny startups and midsize businesses. It has no monthly minimum you have to meet to work with it.

CMS Call Center answers the telephone, takes messages, assists your customers, processes orders and helps with credit card purchases for your company. It also dispatches calls to you if something that needs immediate attention arises. The call center offers help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so your customers will always be able to get through.

CMS Call Center can be your virtual receptionist, representing your brand when dealing with customers and scheduling appointments without you taking on full-time employees to attend to these tasks. You can operate your small or midsized business using CMS Call Center with a toll-free number and a local phone number. CMS Call Center also makes use of automated services, such as voicemail.

This service can help your company with conducting surveys and gathering customer feedback. It also schedules callback times so that you can be sure your customer is satisfied with your services and doesn't need additional assistance. However, outreach efforts are not this company's focus. CMS Call Center does not do lead generation or make cold calls to people you haven't yet worked with to convert your potential sales targets into customers.

This company hires agents based in the United States, and its call center representatives speak English clearly and well. It also offers services in Spanish and provides support in over 200 languages. This allows you to help customers on a global scale.

When we reached out to this company, we had an overall positive experience with its back-end support to clients. An agent picked up the phone quickly, we were only transferred once, and the quality of service was good.

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  2. 8  CMS Call Center
    81.0 %
  3. 94.0 %
  4. 81.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    88.2 %


CMS Call Center does not help you generate leads, so you will have to go elsewhere for those and some other outbound services. However, this is certainly a worthy choice, particularly if you rely heavily on inbound calls and your customer base requires support for a variety of languages.

CMS Call Center Compare Quotes

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