Pros / You can connect with your customers through multiple communication channels.

Cons / Global Response does not do any cold calling.

 Verdict / Even though Global Response does not offer some outbound services, like cold calling, it has various valuable resources to help your company connect with customers, making it worth investigating.

Global Response is a multichannel service to help you connect with customers. In addition to answering inbound calls, following up with customers and performing various helpful tasks, this company can assist your customers over social media and other platforms.

The call center representatives can answer any number of inbound calls. When customers call in, agents can schedule appointments with them as needed for various things like medical visits or installation appointments. You can also have representatives take and process orders over the phone, which is especially helpful for eCommerce businesses.

Bilingual and multilingual agents are available to take calls. Having fewer language barriers can help your business connect with a wider range of customers. If an agent can’t speak the language your customer speaks, though, they refer the customer back to you rather than using a third-party translation service to help them.

You do not have to meet any minimum call or minute requirements to work with Global Response, which is a major benefit if you don’t have a high call volume each month. If you have a lower call volume, you can sign up for a shared phone team that divides its time between your company and some others. A dedicated team costs more, but it may be worth the cost if you have the call volume to fill the team's time. If you have a complicated business, it's worth considering a dedicated team so that the team members can learn more about your company and industry.

Global Response is open 24/7, so even if you receive calls during odd hours or on weekends or holidays, you can be sure that none of your customers’ calls are missed. In addition to helping with inbound calls, Global Response can conduct surveys on your company’s behalf, as well as call customers back and do lead generation services, which means that the call center agents reach out to people who have expressed interest in your company before, and turn those leads into paying customers.

This company can also interact with your customers on social media platforms, which is becoming an increasingly important place to connect with your audience. Global Response agents monitor the conversations happening about your brand on social media to get a feel for how your company is perceived. They can reach out to customers who report bad experiences to try to smooth things over and answer questions posed by potential customers.

Live chat, email and tech support are all available as well. However, Global Response agents don't do any cold calling, which means that they don’t reach out to customers with whom you do not already have a relationship to try to sell them products or services.

If you have any questions for this company while you work with it, you can reach out to customer support via phone or email. The website is comprehensive and helpful, so you may find many answers to your questions there.

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  2. 5  Global Response
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Global Response has many features to connect with your customers over multiple communication channels, including live chat, email, phone and social media. While it does not offer any cold calling, this service is a good one to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Global Response Compare Quotes