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Pros / Specialty Answering Service offers eight distinct call center plans. If none of those plans work for you, you can customize the service for your needs.

Cons / If a customer speaks a language other than English or Spanish, the service will send those customers directly to you, rather than to a translation service.

 Verdict / Specialty Answering Service is one of the best call centers for small and midsize businesses, offering inbound call services, a few outbound services and customizable plans to give you control over the services.

Specialty Answering Service offers eight different call center plans. If those aren’t what you had in mind, it can usually customize a contact center plan to fulfill the tasks and goals your business needs. It focuses on serving small businesses but can accommodate the needs of midsize and larger firms. Specialty Answering Service earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Specialty Answering Service Compare Quotes
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Customer Support

This call center employs English-speaking representatives who are easy to understand. It also offers bilingual service in Spanish, which is a significant and growing segment of nearly every market. However, Specialty Answering Service does not contract for translation help in other languages. If you have customers who need service in other languages, Specialty Answering Service will refer them back to you.

This company can tackle basic answering service tasks, and it also handles many other call center solutions. Specialty Answering Service offers your customers assistance in the form of technical support, billing and answering questions. It can also take credit card payments and help your customers with order processing issues.

If your company is quite small and you and your employees are often tied up with other tasks, this call center company can serve as your virtual receptionist, making certain that no call goes unanswered, that appointments are set and that messages get through. Having a person answer the phone, rather than voicemail or a phone tree, can enhance your brand and may help your company grow.

Inbound Calls

There is no minimum call volume you have to meet monthly to work with this company. You can send as many or as few calls through to Specialty Answering Service as you need, and you are simply billed for the minutes your customers are on the phone. You must spend at least $29 a month on this service, however.

This call center service is available 24/7, so you don’t have to answer the phones at inconvenient hours. Specialty Answering Service agents can answer after-hours phone calls, as well as calls that your staff can’t answer during regular business hours. By using this service, you can rest easy knowing that your customers’ calls aren’t missed.

Outbound Calls

You can get help with outbound calls from Specialty Answering Service in the form of customer feedback and surveys, or scheduled callbacks to check on customers. There are a couple of limitations to the outbound calling services: This company does not handle any cold calling services, which means that it doesn’t call potential customers with whom you do not already have a relationship and try to sell to them. Lead generation services are available, however, meaning the company performs marketing outreach tasks to turn your potential customers into regular ones.

Support Options

When it comes to client support, Specialty Answering Service offers you help via email, phone and live chat. You can also leave a message online, much like with an email contact form. We reached out to this call center and received top-notch customer service from its representatives. It received one of the highest scores for client support among the services we reviewed.


Specialty Answering Service offers several pricing and service plans for small or midsized businesses and can tailor its plans to just about any business. It does not do any cold calling, but it offers a variety of quality options for other services.

Specialty Answering Service Compare Quotes